Week 5 Veto players! (day 32) Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers

Week 5 Veto players! (day 32) Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers ...

Why not take the time to see what you can get at this late evening in the Big Brother 24house?

The first order of business here is, of course, deciding who will be taking part in the competition. It's a group headed by Head of Household Michael (and Festie Bestie Brittany), who last night decided to nominate Terrance, Monte, and Joseph for eviction. He wanted to give himself some options. If the Veto isnt used, Terrance will go unless a new alliance forms in the ruins of the Leftovers (which has been strong for a while).

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Jasmine and Turner, with Taylor serving as the host. This is really her week, right? This is probably the best-case scenario for a plot to backdoor Daniel, given that Jasmine, with her ankle still in poor condition, probably will not be that successful in the comp. (Jasmine, hilariously, seems to want her own Bestie Turner out, but it's likely because he keeps messing with her food in the kitchen.)

The one thing that puzzled Michael this week is that in some ways, he would prefer Daniel to stay, given that he wasnt an immediate target of his and Daniel didnt really have anyone to contend with. Heck, Taylor overnight said that Daniel would be a good juror since hed respect the game, but still. Michaels hands are most likely tied; he can win the Veto, but if he doesnt use it, he loses trust with the Leftovers.