Season 4 of Barry gets a grim update from Henry Winkler

Season 4 of Barry gets a grim update from Henry Winkler ...

With the conclusion of Barry's third season, it should come as no surprise that the HBO program will not get any happier from here. Henry Winkler, who plays acting teacher Gene Cousineau, gave a very minor but also very dire forecast on where the show will take its next run when the fourth season premieres.

Since the first season of HBO's Barry, Winkler has been a part of the program. Gene Cousineau's eccentric acting coach was so well-known that he received an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

After reading the first four scripts for the show's fourth season, Winkler admitted that Barry's tone would never be the same as it was during its previous seasons. Sally will have to deal with the trauma of knowing that she killed someone even though the person had tried to kill her first.

Winkler's brief update on the program leaves one wondering where they will go from here. One may wonder if Gene feels guilty for ratting on Barry after Barry did his best to make it up to him beforehand. Gene only cracked when Janice's father interrogated him on the matter itself. Will he try to free Barry from the hook, or will he try to make it up to Barry as best he can for putting him in jail?

Barry season 3 explored new areas that were not explored in the first two seasons. It centered on Fuches telling the families and friends what Barry did to them, regardless of whether or not his story was true. This may be the beginning of his past finally catching up to him. Because he will do anything to achieve that, including murder, he unfortunately never will.

Barry has been excellent at subverting expectations at several points. That is until a certain event arises to completely flip the situation on its head - think the episode, "What?"

Barry is currently available on HBO Max.