Best Plants to Grow in Green Hell

Best Plants to Grow in Green Hell ...

Survival games make it difficult to exist in their worlds at all. Hunger, thirst, infection, and rapid warming become threats as severe as any interstellar bounty hunger or magical assassin. One of the most hardcore games in the genre is Green Hell, which drops players in the jungle and asks them to survive.

Foraging for resources, avoiding predators, and establishing a decent shelter are all important in Green Hell; it can be difficult to balance these needs against each other. Here are the top plants to grow in the game.

The Basics Of Growing

Unless the player understands how to grow plants, it is useless. The player must first construct a planting box and then place either seeds or dry flowers inside it. The player must then water their crops, although they will never need to boil the water themselves as they would for themselves. Animal droppings are by far the most effective fertilizer.

Food, medicine, and other useful items may all be grown. Depending on where the player chooses to build their base, they will have access to different resources. In general, it's worth cultivating plants that are particularly useful in themselves as well as plants that the player would otherwise have to travel a great distance or undergo considerable hassle to harvest.

The Best Plants To Grow

The finest plants are useful as nutrients, medicinal agents, or both, though some require a fire to realize their full potential.

  • Growing bananas is useful because they can be eaten without preparation, provide carbohydrates, and can be used as fertilizer once they have spoiled.
  • The multipurpose fruits of the Soursop or Guanabana provide carbs, hydration, and even a treatment for parasites, making them one of the most useful plants in the game overall.
  • Plantain lily leaf can be used to create valuable lily dressings, and can also be used on its own as a cure for venom, should the player find themselves bitten by something unsavory in the jungle.
  • One of the best food items in the game is the Monstera deliciosa which can be eaten without preparation, and provides protein and carbs, energy, and even a boost to the player's sanity.
  • Stewing the Quassia amara flower allows the player to cure fever.
  • Tobacco produces tobacco leaves whichact as an antivenom, can be eaten if stewed, and produce tobacco dressings if combined with leaf bandages, making them a highly versatile plant.

Green Hell is one of the finest survival games thanks to features such as plant cultivation. A player may even live through his jungle experience by knowing which plants to grow the best.

Green Hell is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.