What will Deran do in Season 6 of Animal Kingdom?

What will Deran do in Season 6 of Animal Kingdom? ...

Tomorrow night on TNT, you'll seeAnimal Kingdomseason 6 episode 10, and with that, the Cody Boys' greatest dilemma yet.

We know that this is not the first time that weve seen this family in trouble with the law with 100% certainty. However, we also recognize that this is different from most of those situations because Pope is in prison, and we were also not sure he truly cares. He knows that he killed Catherine Belen, and a big part of him must feel like he must do whatever he can to pay for it. That may mean being sentenced to some sort of substantial period of time.

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We dont believe Deran, Craig, or J will fully accept that, and the photo above indicates Deran potentially doingsomething to help his brother on Sunday night. You may even try to get Pope out of jail by an old-fashioned prison break. (Unfortunately, Michael Scofield is nowhere to be found.)

Deran is often one of the more reasoned members of the Cody family, and he could see things in a rational and human manner. The only drawback of some of that is that Deran has already flew off the handle a couple of times this season. The stress of Popes arrest and his emotional state (hes still not over Adrians leaving) may cause him to miss things.