Week 5 HOH & Nominations for Big Brother 24

Week 5 HOH & Nominations for Big Brother 24 ...

On Thursday, August 4, a new Household was elected late at night.

Michael Bruner, who has been named the new Head of Household, has won his fifth competition this season.

Who Did Michael Nominate?

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On the 24-hour live feeds, Michael and the Leftovers alliance discussed who to nominate for eviction.

Michael initially wanted Michael to choose Daniel and Kyle and vote out Daniel.

Nicole Layog, Daniels' number one friend, was evicted on Thursday night, leaving the Elvis impersonator with no real pals in the house.

Michael decided to nominate Terrance, Joseph, and Monte to be evicted from the Festie Besties after much discussion.

Daniel will be backdoored as a result of one of the Leftovers winning POV, Michael will remove the three boys from the block, and Kyle and Daniel will be named as the replacement candidates.

Michael confessed on the feeds that he isnt totally sold on the idea.

Daniel is on an island by himself in the game. He currently does not have any influence or sway with the other houseguests. Michael mentioned that keeping Daniel this week might be beneficial for his game.

The Leftovers agreed to vote out Terrance if Kyle and Daniel win Veto, so at this point, it isn't 100% clear who will be leaving the house on Thursday.

Nicole Layog Talks Taylor Hale's Relationship to Nicole

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Nicole was evicted from the Big Brother house on Thursday, August 4, with a 9-to-1 vote.

Taylor Hale, a private chef, received considerable outrage on social media for her retaliation toward her Festie Bestie.

Nicole's behavior sparked outrage among Twitter followers, who accused the 41-year-old of bullying Taylor.

Nicole is now recognizing her past mistakes.

In an interview with Parade earlier this week, the former houseguest expressed her regret for her behavior toward Taylor and said she hopes to clear the air with her at the reunion.

She told journalist Mike Bloom that many of what she said were not very nice. I can say that a lot of it was intentional.

I have spoken with Taylor as far as clearing the air, and she continued. Ive been very open as far as apologizing and trying to make sure that I walked out of that house knowing that I am aware of most of the things that Ive said. I need to go back, and I would love to watch and listen and read and see all the things individually with her when we have the chance to meet again in October.

Nicole also addressed Daniels' blowup at Taylor, blaming her for Palomas' unexpected departure from the program.

A breach in communication caused the alteration.

Taylor saw Nicole crying upstairs earlier in the week. She assumed her Festie Bestie was talking about her mother, who is struggling with health problems.

Taylor tries to comfort Nicole, reassured her that she would understand if she didn't want to participate in the Veto competition.

Nicole was receptive to Taylors words, believing that the beauty queen was urging her to give up her game. When Daniel learned what happened, he took it upon himself to despise Taylor.

In her departure interview with Bloom, Nicole shared her thoughts about the incident.

She said, I cant speak for Daniel. I realized in this game that you cant control someones actions, period. And in that moment, my intentions were not for him to clearly react in this manner. When I left the room, I didnt realize that that would impact him the way it did. I was venting. I asked him not to say anything.

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