So Far, these are the 20 Most Highly Rated Video Games from 2022

So Far, these are the 20 Most Highly Rated Video Games from 2022 ...

It's true that a large number of video games that were initially scheduled for release in 2022 have been postponed until 2023 and beyond. Despite this, 2022 has also had a fair share of high-quality new game developments. In fact, there are many new game releases that have received wide acceptance from fans and critics alike.

OpenCritic, a review aggregate platform, maintains a running list of all of the most popular new game releases of the year, including remasters, remakes, DLC, and enhanced ports, while focusing solely on the brand-new releases in 2022.

So far, here are the top 20 highest-rated video games from 2022.

Best Video Games of 2022 So Far

Elden Ring, fromSoftware, has a 95 rating, despite being unsurprised by anyone. The game has been praised for successfully converting the Dark Souls formula to an open world setting, as well as for making significant quality of life improvements.

Elden Ring is rated at 91, while Neon White is a unique first-person shooter game that requires players to use cards to perform specific actions.

Some of the greatest new game releases of the year in the high-80s include Horizon Forbidden West, as well as Nintendo Switch exclusive JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Needless to say, there will be a slew of new video game releases in 2022 that have gotten high praise from critics, so anyone who is interested in trying something new should definitely check out these titles.