The Treasure Hunt for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may have multiple meanings

The Treasure Hunt for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may have multiple meanings ...

Fans have had a deeper look into the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which includes a great deal of new information, including new Pokemon, new characters, and its three-story plot. Or rather, it's three upcoming stories, as it was explained how the new non-linear game would break from Pokemon's usual routine of collecting gym badges and forced confrontations with various evil teams and explore similar elements throughout three storylines.

Players will be led on a "treasure hunt" as suggested by Game Freak. The word "treasure" is mentioned several times in the same trailer, and with Scarlet and Violet's new "Terastallization," it appears that treasure will be a focal point. However, the concept of hunting for treasure may be the missing link that will help incorporate them into future games.

A Pokemon Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will form part of the game's three main storylines, one of which is the gym challenge, while the other is unknown.

Unlike Pokemon Legends: Arceus' own pokedex, this is where the player will need to research whatever it is they are hunting for as they progress through the region. Another possibility is that this is how Scarlet and Violet's new pokedex will be implemented, following the Pokemon Legends: Arceus' own pokedex, with the players needing to perform additional tasks and actions.

The Hunt For The Terastal Phenomenon

Scarlet and Violet's new gameplay mechanic Terastallization is a plausible alternative. Teaching players to investigate and learn more about Terastallization would be an intuitive way of introducing them to the new mechanic, despite Pokemon's traditional linear storytelling.

A storyline around the origins of this unique mechanic, that teaches players to understand and master the mechanic, as well as how it might integrate into other stories, would provide more agency in their gameplay, while also encouraging players to explore new Tera types and Pokemon while completing their pokedex.

Past and Future Treasures

The remaining narrative that Scarlet and Violet might explore would reflect the fan theory of past and future in the game. However, the theme of treasure and encouraging players to explore the world to discover new things might play a role in integrating this theory into the main game. If the Terastal Phenomenon develops, it might go deeper.

Terastallization may be the result of something that had long been hidden in Paldea's history, but which just now is getting worse, with symptoms such as increased Tera raids in the region.

It's Just A Treasure Hunt

Due to the game's previously mentioned gemstone look, Game Freak may have used this kind of language to enlarge the introduction of Terastallization. It's likely that Game Freak intended for this presentation of Terastallization to be the main focus for gamers to discuss after the break. Because of this, as confirmed at the start of the trailer, it was edited in a way that emphasised the theme of treasure.

The recurring theme in all other trailers and details demonstrates that Game Freak is eager to encourage players to experiment, learn, research, and determine their own gameplay experiences. This could lead to a shift in the Pokemon series' open-world exploration and non-linear progression.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.