Action Films Have 5 Tearjerking Moments

Action Films Have 5 Tearjerking Moments ...

Although action films are often heartbreaking, listeners prefer to watch them in tears rather than to make them cry. From Goose's death to John Wicks' puppy's death to Brian OConners' final race with Dom Toretto, there are a variety of tearjerking action movie moments that have broken their hearts.

A gang of criminals murders a hitman's entire family in a bid to slay his vengeful rampage. The murder of a lovely little dog leaves fans more depressed than any number of humans. Even the stoniest of viewers are moved by the sight of John cradling the only thing left in the world that gave him any sense of joy.

The T-800 that spent the film protecting John Connor is plunged into a pot of molten steel at the heartbreaking climax of Terminator 2, begging him not to give up. He doesn't have a choice, and more optimistic viewers are moved by the Terminators' sacrifice.

This sequence is the perfect end to John's father-son bond with the cyborg. The creature had to smelt itself to save humanity, but in its final moments, it lets John know that he was successful in educating him how to feel. Not only is James Cameron's sequel larger, bolder, and more relatable, but it is also more emotionally engaged.

Natalie Portman made her acting debut in Leon: The Professional as a preteen assassin. She also nailed the complicated emotions of a 12-year-old losing her entire family. When she returns home and finds her parents and siblings dead in a horrific bloodbath, she calls on her neighbor Leons' door, asking for help. He reluctantly accepts her and trains her as a contract murderer.

Top Gun, by Tony Scott, is a perfect marriage of explosive military action and touching comedy. Critics accused it of being superficial naval propaganda, and it didnt help that the US Navy reportedly sent recruiters to theaters to recruit adrenaline-filled visitors on their way out of the film, but above all, it's a heartbreaking story about friendship. The dogfight sequences may glorify warfare, but the core of the narrative is Maverick's undying love for his wingman and best friend, Goose.

Maverick loses Goose in a horrific dogfight that went horribly wrong. As they fall into the water below, Maverick grabs his buddy's lifeless body, still in shock. Top Gun is recognized as the pinnacle of 80s cheese, but this moment isn't just cheesy; it's also horrifying.

The Fast & Furious crew went one step further and transformed the entire film into a heartfelt tribute to Paul Walker in the middle of filming Furious 7.

The soundtrack for Dom and Brian engages in one last street race with Wiz Khalifas, who played Walker in the film, and there isnt a dry eye in the room as Brian takes off the highway and says his final goodbyes to his brother. It wouldn't have been a fitting conclusion for the entire Fast & Furious saga if Universal hadn't put dollar signs in its eyes.