Season 3 renewal fantasies for Physical are fading, with the EP facing a second cliffhanger

Season 3 renewal fantasies for Physical are fading, with the EP facing a second cliffhanger ...

There is still no officialPhysicalseason 3 renewal available on Apple TV+ at the time of this writing. Thats mainly because the Rose Byrne series did conclude on a pretty significant cliffhanger. Sheila has a lot of work to do, and thats not even considering what has been going on with Danny.

cliffhangers can be tricky gambles since the last thing you want to do is make your story seem unfinished; yet, you also want to ensure that viewers continue to watch and discuss the program on some level. This episode may not be the best at Apple in terms of attention, but it has a loyal following and a favorable response from critics. There is no reason to think that it will be canceled.

We finished the season with a lot more to tell in an act of great optimism. We have yet to disclose anything [about Season 3] other than that. Im feeling good.

Weisman had a few interesting things to say about Sheila and Danny It's been a long time since we saw them reach this place, and it might lead to other shocking developments in the future:

I intended to break them apart this season. From the start of the season I had this line in my head of him saying, I dont like who youve become, and that's what we were [building] to in the finale. Sheila starts the season saying, I hate you to Danny. And he's attempting to restore her love. And at the end of the season I wanted him to say, I don't like who you've become.

If wedoget a season 3, we hope to have it available on the streaming service at some point in 2023, but we recognize full that this is up to Apple more than any of our personal desires.

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