A Pokemon fan creates a stunning handcrafted Cyndaquil doll with removable flames

A Pokemon fan creates a stunning handcrafted Cyndaquil doll with removable flames ...

Each of the original 151 and subsequent Pokemon have accumulated their own fan base, and that's no different with Gen 2's Fire-type starter, Cyndaquil, who has decided to honor the Pokemon Gold and Silver introductory Fire-type with impressive handmade dolls.

Umbratundra, a Reddit user, has recently shared photos of three identical handmade Cyndaquil dolls that are meticulously detailed and have a removable orange and yellow fluff ball that represents the Pokemon's burning flame. Chikorita is the Grass-type Pokemon, while Totodile is the Water-type Pokemon available at Professor Elm's laboratory.

Umbratundra's handmade Cyndaquil dolls had multiple angles to highlight the detail in their features and demonstrate how easily the back flame may be removed due to the magnets instead of Velcro or buttons; these Cyndaquil dolls are distinguished by tiny silver accents on the back feet that mimic the Pokemon's toes, as well.

Umbratundra reports that all three Cyndaquil dolls were made in just 20 hours, with each one taking around 20 hours to make. Umbratundra has stated that they're selling the Cyndaquil dolls on their shop for around $300, and that they're making TikTok videos to raise awareness of the process, thus making it possible for Pokemon enthusiasts to own a rarer version of this custom-made plush.

Umbratundra also makes dolls that mimic the Cyndaquil plush and pay attention to detail, according to one eagle-eyed fan. Multiple Reddit users praised Umbratundra's clever use of magnets rather than a more noticeable material for the detachable flame.