Shahab Hosseini Has Been Tapped to Lead the Coming-of-Age Film 'The Far Mountains.'

Shahab Hosseini Has Been Tapped to Lead the Coming-of-Age Film 'The Far Mountains.' ...

Shahab Hosseini, an award-winning Iranian actor, has been chosen to star in the second feature-length film from British-Iranian filmmaker Mitra Tabrizian, according to Variety. The Far Mountains is described as a "nuanced coming-of-age tale with an allegorical undertow," and will be Hosseini's second collaboration with Tabrizian, who also star in her feature film debut Gholam.

Hosseini is perhaps best known to audiences for his role as an Academy Award-winning actor alongside Asghar Farhadi in 2016's The Salesman. There, Hosseini played Emad, an actor living and working in Tehran, where he is starring in a production of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman alongside his wife Rana (Taraneh Alidoosti).

When Rana is beaten in an apartment she and Emad are temporarily living in, Emad becomes increasingly determined to find the culprit and force them to face some sort of punishment.

Tabrizian began her career as a photographer and short film before moving on to release her first full-length feature Gholam in 2017. The film explores Gholam (Hosseini) as "the story of an Iranian cab driver in London caught between two worlds that transforms almost inexorably from observational drama to terrifying quasi-thriller." The film has been released internationally.

Zadoc Nava of Stray Dog Films, who directed Gholam, will introduce The Far Mountains to Locarno's Match Me!, making it a familiar concept for Tabrizian.

The far mountains' production is currently unveiled. Below you may see the teaser for Gholam, starring Hosseini, which was released last year: