How to Get Cloth in RimWorld

How to Get Cloth in RimWorld ...

The cult classic Dwarf Fortress was revived in RimWorld, the Ludeon Studios' hit colony management game. Players must protect a group of colonists trapped in a remote world, as well as guide them toward constructing a safe and happy colony. From starvation to madness, pirates to insectoid swarms, there are a variety of obstacles for colonists to confront.

The life of a colonist in RimWorld is tough, but the life of a naked colonist is even tougher. Cloth is one of Rimworld's most essential crafting materials, allowing players to not only clothe their colonists but also provide them with comfort and relaxation. However, Cloth is not a material that spawns naturally on the map, and players may have difficulties in acquiring it.

How to Get Cloth in RimWorld

The easiest way to get Cloth in RimWorld is to plant Cotton Plants. These plants require ground with a minimum fertility of 70%, as well as a safe growing temperature of between 10C (50F) and 42C (107F) when players first plant their food crops at the beginning of the game.

Cotton plants take around 14 days to grow, taking into account resting time at night. A fully mature plant will produce ten Cloth when harvested, but not all colonies will be able to afford to pay for the Cotton farm. Trade caravans will visit the colony frequently, offering both raw materials like Cloth and rare items like the best ranged weapons in RimWorld.

What to do with Cloth in RimWorld

The most essential use for Cloth in RimWorld is in the production of clothing. On top of the dangers of hypothermia or heatstroke, most colonists in RimWorld prefer to be naked, and even those who don't will be exposed to the effects of heat and cold while unclothed.

Cloth is also an essential ingredient for several items that enhance a colonist's comfort and recreation requirements in RimWorld, such as the Billiards and Poker tables, two furniture items that can quickly satisfy recreation demands, as well as comfortable Armchairs for colonists to lounge in, and Rugs to enhance a room's beauty.

RimWorld is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.