Cancellations of Warner Bros. Discovery are safe for the MultiVersus video game

Cancellations of Warner Bros. Discovery are safe for the MultiVersus video game ...

Warner Bros. has gone through a storm of changes in the last couple of days, with heavily anticipated films like Batgirl and Scoob: Holiday Haunt being postponed and put on the back burner. Due to these changes, fans of the upcoming game from Warner Bros. and MultiVersus are somewhat concerned.

The $43 billion merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery has begun to have an effect on the company. However, the new game has faced some recent setbacks, including the ongoing delay between the first season and the new fighter. MultiVersus remains as safe as confirmed by Tony Huynh, the games director.

Huynh said on Twitter that the game is safe, saying, "We are unaffected by the Discovery/Warner Bros. merger." Huynh's comments may not come as much of a surprise as most of the company's top brass have focused on big picture releases and streaming.

Zaslav started by saying a 10-year plan focusing solely on DC. It's very similar to the one that Alan Horne and Bob Iger worked with at Disney. As part of that, we're going to release no film until it's ready.

Warner Bros. had decided to postpone the highly anticipated Batgirl due to Zaslav's new desire for quality from DC properties. That was a more strategic move.

Zaslav revealed that HBO Max and Discovery+ are working towards a combined streaming platform. As a result of the Warner and Discovery merger and the proposed streaming platforms, we can certainly anticipate a lot of changes and announcements in the future. However, time will tell.

Below is a link to Huynhs' tweet:

Black Adam, DC's next film, starring Dwayne Johnson, is set to release on October 21. Watch the entire teaser here: