The next film role for Stranger Things and The Lord of the Rings is set

The next film role for Stranger Things and The Lord of the Rings is set ...

Sean Astin, who starred in Stranger Things and The Lord of the Rings, will appear in the cycling drama Hard Miles.

Back in June, Matthew Modine, a fellow Town of Hawkins resident, took on the lead of Greg Townsend, the head of Ridge View Academy.

Cynthia Kaye McWilliams (The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey), Leslie David Baker (On My Block), Jackson Kelly (Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion), Damien Diaz (Marvel's Runaways) and Zachary T Robbins (Bloodline) have all been announced as actors.

Hard Miles uncovers the true story of Colorado's aforementioned academy, which for decades offered at-risk children a second chance via competitive sports, academic rigorousness, and targeted treatment.

Astin plays the "benevolent local bike shop mechanic" Speedy, while McWilliams plays Haddie; Baker is Skip Bowman, and Guillory, Jelly, Diaz, and Robbins are competing cyclists.

Did you know that Samwise Gamgee played tonsil tennis on screen before going back to Middle-earth for a minute?

"When the gay fan-fiction came out, did we feel it was like coming out of the closet?" Astin responded in 2020. "We loved it." "Anyhow, our instinct when the film came out was just to like the people who saw it, and the characters," according to the author.

Like the rest of us, he's also super excited about the next Prime Video series.

From September 2, Amazon Prime Video will release The Rings of Power: The Lord of the Rings.