After his friendship with Kevin Hart was declared a conspiracy, the rock reacted with a classic tone

After his friendship with Kevin Hart was declared a conspiracy, the rock reacted with a classic tone ...

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are well-known actors. In fact, the duo has made five films together in the last six years. They clearly are fantastic friends and enjoy working together. But what if they secretly hate each other?

In a recent Ross Bolen Podcast interview, The Rock claimed that although the pair may have gotten along once, the way they yell at each other in interviews, they may not even be interested in making films together because they know theyll succeed.

I can verify this. It's not a secret. We despise each other. F*ck him. August 4, 2022

It's an interesting conspiracy theory that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart do not like each other, but rather pretend to do so because it's good for business. However, the pretending goes so far and the insults between the two come out and reveal only briefly glimpses of their real feelings. It's not clear how much the podcast that presented the idea really believes it, but The Rock believes it's funny.

The fact that Johnson and Hart have one of these friendships is clear: they will not take it personally. Its a lot like the Hugh Jackman/Ryan Reynolds conflict, which is a matter of two dear pals but who have both grown weary of each other.

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are clear that they like each other and are also known to have great box office success. It's a win-win situation since studios will want to cast them together because they're successful and the two will certainly want to continue to work together, even if only to talk about how much the other one sucks.

Given the success of the first two, a fourth Jumanji film is still on the table. The more recent DC League of Super-Pets was the number one film in the country last weekend, and if it does well enough a sequel to that is also a possibility. And seeing Kevin Hart return there seems likely, as such a film.