The premiere date for Severance season 2 and fan theories have been discussed

The premiere date for Severance season 2 and fan theories have been discussed ...

The road to Season 2 of Severance is going to be a long and winding journey, but it probably won't be as complicated as the story itself. We know that more episodes will be released in 2023, but it's quite difficult to get them to release until that time. The entire crew and creator have absolutely taken their time in deciding what will happen next.

One of the reasons why no one onSeverance is even considering a premiere date at this time is that the show is influenced by fan theories, although we tend to think that spring or summer is the most likely time. So, what do they do in influencing the story going forward?

Ive certainly spent a lot of time on Reddit and all of these other sites and when people who know who I am, which isn't a lot of people, but those who do will come up and suggest things. Or I'll be at a party or something and someone will ask me, "Here are the goats!" which is really good.

Im a little surprised by how good the ideas are, but weve reached a point now in crafting the second season where we've sort of refined what we're going to do on a lot of this stuff. It's amazing and the fans of the show have shaped what the show is. In a way, they've shaped what the show is.

This is what makesSeverance special: it has a large fan base who pay attention to the story. Because of this, they cannot confuse their own interpretation of the show's fiction with their own. Were still interested to see how many theories are correct or at least close to correct when the program is revived.