12 Best Early Game Weapons For Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

12 Best Early Game Weapons For Tiny Tina's Wonderlands ...

Gearbox Software's colorful fantasy spinoff of Borderlands, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, has its own unique style of zany humor, majestic locations, and, of course, plenty of deadly weapons. While partly an expansion of fan favorite DLC, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep is quite a different story.

Even experienced Borderlands vets may be overwhelmed with new offensive weapons and customizations at their disposal, including melee weapons and spells. In typical Borderlands fashion, players are quickly presented with various weapons to play with; by way of loot, enemy drops, and vendors. But which are the most effective weapons to use in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands' early days? Are there any truly amazing weapons that might be discovered in just a few hours?

Wonderlands continues to entice players with its zany-y yet-enjoying premise, engaging gameplay, and super-fun weapons. Gearbox has also slashed the pot of this already rich D&D style RPG with new features such as the intense Chaos Chamber and DLC packs.

Despite the fact that many players have reached the level 40 level requirement and are delving into more challenging terrain, the game is still drawing newcomers and those who are starting fresh with new classes. So, it was appropriate to update this list with additional weapons and melee weapons that will assist in fighting through the early goings.

12 Bread Slicer

With its unique sawblade-spitting capabilities, this gimmicky pistol might be a bit jarring at first, but advanced players should be able to exploit the incredible power of this legendary assault rifle. Three rows of blades are propelled from the gun when fired.

Not only will the shots work, they'll also ricochet off surfaces for a few seconds longer, ensuring some slicing and dicing even if one's accuracy is on the low side. The Bread Slicer is available fairly early in the game and can be obtained from any loot source.

11 Blue Cake

This electrified version of the 'Yellow Cake' from Borderlands 3 might be familiar to Borderlands 3 fans.

Rocket launchers are notoriously dangerous and unreliable for newcomers. However, this one has the assurance of being laced with lightning and capable of dealing with massive lightning splash damage. The initial orb being fired even splits into two, adding to the launcher's dangerous lifespan.

10 Pincushion (Melee)

When using melee in Wonderlands, it may be fun to wield massive hammers as Thor, especially for those who use crossbolts (quite easy to achieve). However, hammer strikes will produce damage-stacking explosions. The Pincushion is sufficient, despite its shortcomings.

This melee weapon can be obtained from any loot source, although it has a greater chance of dropping from LeChance in Wargtooth Shallows.

9 Sapsucker

The Dahlia assault rifle does not have many fancy bells and whistles or unusual gimmicks, which is why it's a great beginner's weapon, highlighting military precision, versatility, and DPS (especially in full-automatic mode). The rifle can be used for crowd control at medium range, although its accuracy allows players to pick off targets from a distance.

From any loot source, this rifle can be found randomly.

8 Railspike

The Railspike is an underrated choice early on for its sharpshooting and rapid damage-per-second (DPS) characteristics, which are similar to Jakobs pistols in previous Borderlands games. This makes sense given that the gun manufacturer, "Blackpowder," is a rebranded version of that gun manufacturer.

The small magazine size bogs this down a bit, but it makes up for it with its quick reload time and high damage output. The Railspike's (relative) accuracy, scoping ability, and quick-firing make it efficient in picking off many smaller, weaker targets from a distance.

7 Kettledrum

It's critical to have weapons that fire and reload swiftly, especially given the Kettledrum's close-range capability, which is ideal for crowd control.

Given how robust and quick this boomstick can be, it can complement a number of builds very effectively. It becomes a good secondary weapon when the situation gets up-close and personal.

6 Twin Soul (Melee)

With its melee weapon focus, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands stands out from the rest of the Borderlands series. It can be difficult for beginners to pick out the finest melee weapons based on their class, build, and general preferences. However, these twin blades from the manufacturer appropriately named "Swift"

The (Assassin) Twin Soul's quick speed and critical chance perfectly compensate for this. This is particularly useful for players who are laced with the frost variant, which can be further enhanced by the frost-focused Brr-Zerker.

In Ossu-Gol Necropolis, this blade has a greater chance to drop from Knight Mare.

5 Thumbsbane

The Thumbsbane is a great option in the early stages of the game due to its medium-range crowd control and high DPS. Just make sure to switch to the secondary fire, which produces 4-shot bursts rather than the default 2-shot.

Armor from Thumbsbane that are laced with elemental damage are even more powerful. This enhancement enhances the quick-fired pistol, which will quickly defeat enemy hordes.

4 Masterwork Handbow

This powerful pistol is very versatile. It's just that powerful. Critical shots are compensated with bonus damage as well as ricochet shots that add to the DPS. Particular when shooting clusters of enemies, the Masterwork Handbow is a killing machine with its quasi-area-of-effect ability.

The Handbow will prompt players to think of the Queen's Call from Borderlands 3, thanks to its high damage output and critical bonuses that reward additional shots. Like the aforementioned classic, the Handbow allows for constant firing as long as the player maintains criticals.

Captain Swallow drops this unique weapon in The Chaos Chamber for the first time.

3 Greatsword (Melee)

The Greatsword is capable of destroying many opponents even though it is slow in terms of attack speed. It will knock back a few smaller targets, inflicting huge chunks of damage in the process. Add to that the added elemental damage, critical bonuses, and Ward (magic shield) advantages, and this Greatsword is solid.

This weapon is extremely versatile and simple, while also causing plenty of damage, making it a great last-ditch strategy in a pinch.

2 White Rider

The White Rider is very efficient in reducing the health of several targets in typical SMG fashion. The weapon is a Dahlia legend that may be acquired fairly early (typically when farming the Son of a Witch boss at Karnok's Wall).

The DPS is impressive, as well as the gun's unique ability to fire attaching beam shots, which are linked to many targets, making it extremely versatile in times of conflict. It's also very useful in battling more powerful Badass enemies.

1 Nightshade

Some have concluded that the Nightshade (especially certain variations) is powerful to the point of being overpowered. What's perhaps most remarkable is that this useful SMG can be found quite early on, in the tutorial map's Castle Harrowfast.

The Nightshade comes in a number of incredible variations, but the frost version is the most powerful, as it inflicts enormous DPS with the added damage and debuffs of this element. This sets the stage for easy melees and spell casting. On top of that, the Nightshade has the ability to decelerate opponents as well as provide crucial melee boosts.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlandsis is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam.