Fallout 76: The Charleston Fire Department's Location

Fallout 76: The Charleston Fire Department's Location ...

The Charleston Fire Department is one of the most well-known locations in Fallout 76. This area is one of the main locations you will visit throughout the main campaign and is home to many useful items. Like most areas in Fallout 76, you will find yourself returning there often, especially if you use a lot of ammunition.

Charleston Fire Department location

The Ash Heap region is located in the southernmost part of the map. This region is well-known for its dark skies and deadly fumes. Walking through this area puts you at risk of developing a lung illness that can severely affect your character.

Before you discover the Charleston Fire Department, you will need to go through the Ash Heap for long. This location is located south of Charleston on the map and southeast of AVR Medical Center. One of the closest locations to the Charleston Fire Department is The Rusty Pick, the location where you can find the Purveyor.

What to do at Charleston Fire Department

During the main quest line for Fallout 76, you will most likely encounter the Charleston Fire Department. This quest requires you to take the Responders exam using the terminals in the fire department. The Overseer also left a storage container here as part of her quest for supplies.

The Charleston Fire Department is one of the best locations to get lead in the game. There is a loading dock that you can use to scrap to obtain lead and steel outside. There is also a medical workbench in the area.