Season 10 filming of When Calls the Heart: New BTS teaser

Season 10 filming of When Calls the Heart: New BTS teaser ...

When Calls the Heart Season 10 is getting underway for a little while now, but generally, things are rather quiet. The cast and crew havent shared too many major surprises yet for what lies ahead, and with that in mind, we will do whatever we can to help the story.

Natasha Burnett provides a fantastic behind-the-scenes peek at the new season of Hope Valley! We tend to think that both will remain relevant to the area as we enter the new season, and we were always interested to see what happens. Theyve been one of the greatest additions to the area over the previous few seasons.

Will season 10 begin with a time difference, or will there be any new characters joining the cast in the near future? We certainly hope that some more information on all of this will be forthcoming in the near future. Otherwise, we might be stuck waiting for a while to see what will happen next. Take for instance, unless some word comes out on a Christmas Special soon.

Also, let's hope for some new footage of the Canfields, Elizabeth, Lucas, and some other characters later this year just to tide us over a little bit better.

Pastor Joseph and Minnie are back! #hearties #season10 #bts #teamcanfields

Natasha Burnett (@natashaburnett) on August 6, 2022.