Billie Eilish's New Song Makes a Reference To The Long-Running Reality Series, According to Survivor's Jeff Probst

Billie Eilish's New Song Makes a Reference To The Long-Running Reality Series, According to Survivor ...

Billie Eilish has seven Grammy nominations and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for No Time To Die, but does she want to be the sole Survivor for the CBS competition where participants are stuck on a deserted island for weeks on end as they compete for $1 million? Well, Survivors executive producer and host Jeff Probst has responded with a nod of his own.

Billie Eilish released her second album, Guitar Songs, at the end of July, which she aptly titled TV. She also used two humorous Survivor metaphors, saying, I watch somebody suffer and sink in the sofa, while they all betrayed one another. Jeff Probst responded to the name-drop in an Instagram post that he captioned with one of his many iconic lines from the show.

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If she does, in fact, daydream about playing the game of outwit, outplay, and outlast, the 2022 Coachella headliner has the Survivor connect on lock. It's possible that she won't have a celebrity-centered season in this year's CBS show, but we have certainly seen a famous face or two in the shows 20-plus year history.

Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, NBAs Scot Pollard, and retired NFL player Brad Culpepper are just a few of the notable sports figures. Mike White of School of Rock fame/creator of HBOs The White Lotus played all 39 days of Survivor: David vs. Goliath and almost won. (No biggie that he didnt, because he later got to lend his creative talents to Jeff Probst as they brainstormed ideas for Season 41.)

Jeff Probst's followers were equally as excited about something other than Billie Eilish's exposed fandom in the comments. Many were actually in complete shock that Probst was using BeReal, a new social media app that bills itself as the anti-Instagram, to highlight the moment. (Its almost like an impromptu game of sorts where the app will randomly alert you to take a snapshot of your current real situation in under two minutes.) As a result, the veteran TV personality

The appearance of Billie Eilish on Survivor would certainly be a sight. She is correct about there being a lot of back-stabbing in the now-26-day game. And with the new twists in Seasons 41 and 42 making the chaos spiral, as one former contestant put it, one must wonder how she would fare in such a situation.

Survivor 43 and 44 were filmed back to back earlier this year, and for the time being, the star would not be able to participate, at least not for some time, since Jeff Probst said just some of the new twists will be repeated in the coming seasons. (Hopefully, not the hourglass one, which was criticized as the worst in the show's history by some.) Fans, which apparently includes Billie Eilish, may want to see the new season when it premieres on CBS on September 21 as

Billie, I'd love to see them suffer and betray each other while sitting on my sofa...