The fate of the premiere date for Magnum PI season 5: The case for January starts

The fate of the premiere date for Magnum PI season 5: The case for January starts ...

We understand that it will take time to get to theMagnum PIseason 5 premiere. A lot of patience, in fact. This is still superior to the one that was offered a few months ago, when CBS canceled the program completely.

The truth is that NBC has a long way to go before deciding what to do with the next season, and we don't expect a date until after a couple of months. However, we do have a preference, so lets get into it like never before: The best time for season 5 to premiere is on Friday nights starting in early January.

Why does this make the most sense? For starters, the show has grown a following over the previous couple of years. They are already used to it then, and it 100% works for Jay Hernandez and the rest of the cast. Its an hour of peaceful escapism that can feel like a mini-movie every single week. January also is a time when a lot of viewers prefer to stay home; weve seen over the years that the live viewer ratings for Friday-night programs are higher than the rest of

Magnum PI would have the chance to shine throughout its ten-episode season 5 run; this would also give NBC early on the decision whether or not to add more episodes for Season 6 or another episode later on in the future.

On this point, NBC might wait until March to premiere season 5 or relocate it to another location, such as Sundays, as they already have comedies in the fall, and it's quite possible that they will have to relocate them in order to get the best results. When it comes to ratings, this is what we consider, and then others.