The Editor of Mission: Impossible Declares That Stunts Will Be'Historic.'

The Editor of Mission: Impossible Declares That Stunts Will Be'Historic.' ...

Leave it to a living legend like Tom Cruise to take Paramount's next Mission: Impossible venture to a new level than before. According to editor Eddie Hamilton, Mission: Impossible 8 will far exceed the stunts seen in previous films.

According to the editor, Cruise, who is well-known for pushing his body to the limit in his quest to please audiences, will outdo himself for the final installments in the long-running Mission: Impossible franchise.

Eddie Hamilton talked about his role as a director in Mission: Impossible for the better part of 30 years. "I swear, some of the stuff he's doing is historic."

"It's going to be a joy to see it." Says the editor. "There'll be moments in Mission 8 where you'll get that same kind of, 'I cant believe Im seeing this' emotion. Two years to go, and you'll see it."

Hamilton's remarks indicate that there is a lot to look forward to in the future, with just a few exceptions being the moon landing, the Red Sox's winning the 2007 World Series, and Rick and Morty's fans getting McDonald's to bring back Szechuan sauce.

Cruise has already performed stunts that outperform expectations on his solo prowess, from climbing the Burj Khalifa, clinging to the side of a plane landing, to piloting his own helicopter after rushing his training by doing double lessons for Fallout, where he faced down Henry Cavill. The guy even trained himself to hold his breath for six minutes for an underwater vault break-in in Rogue Nation.

If Cruise's latest Mission: Impossible film is anyhow even more spectacular than all of that and what he accomplished with Maverick, fans of the series will have a great time at the cinemas.

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One will be released in theaters on July 14, 2023.