Best Hunter Build in Wildermyth

Best Hunter Build in Wildermyth ...

Wildermyth is one of the finest procedurally generated tactical RPGs ever made. Rimworld demonstrated the value of a narrative that isn't set in stone, and games like Wildermyth demonstrate how this structure may be applied to different genres of games.

Wildermyth's rich history, paired with a stunning gameplay and story elements, provides some truly memorable moments, each character class being unique in their own right. Here are some of the best techniques for making a fantastic ranger build using what the game throws at you.

10 Ranged Countershooter

Wildermyth's counterattack may prove to be quite satisfying, both in melee and ranged attacks, with the latter being especially impressive for how powerful it is.

The upgrade enables characters to do the same, with a greater dodge chance. Defeating ranged strikes and aiming enemies with an arrow is an act that never ceases to amaze.

9 Poison User

Quellingmoss is a plant found in the Wildermyth universe that produces poison. Having this ability on a hunter can have severe consequences for opponents.

Quellingmoss allows characters to drop a flask that causes poison in a particular area, which can be quite severe. This, coupled with natural poison on their melee and ranged attacks, makes these hunters the greatest threats in the game.

8 Damaging Hobbler

Hobbling an enemy, especially one that specializes in melee assaults, is a great way to hinder their movement. Hunters can do the same by using the Hobbling Strikes ability to great advantage.

Hobbling Strikes is one of the finest methods to transform a hunter into a force to be reckoned with due to the enhancement to this ability.

7 Ambush Expert

Hunters also have an ability to ambush that doesn't appear to be all that great at first glance. It's a waste of time to have to spend a turn establishing an ambush rather than directly attacking the target.

Regardless, an ambush has extra damage that allows him to defeat tough enemies with ease. If this ambush isn't sprung, the hunter will get a free attack for the next turn as well, so it's all good in the end.

6 Firestarter

Ember Arrows is a fire-related ability that makes it completely situational. As a result, some people may neglect this ability... which is a major error.

Before players buy the upgrade, after all, the rewards are already great. It allows them to immediately move to a tile near them that is on fire as a Swift Action, allowing them to launch fiery attacks with ease.

5 Blinding Annoyance

Wildermyth's flashbang is a fantasy version of a flashbang that allows players to unleash a blast that blinds opponents. If a hunter's Potency is great, then it provides decent magic damage.

The best part about Flashcone is that it's a Swift Action, making it extremely easy to make a turn and potentially deal damage twice in one turn in Wildermyth. It also allows an ally to enter grayplane if it hits them, with this effect increasing with more hits.

4 Melee Blitzer

Thornfang is a great ability to give to hunters who prefer melee attacks, which is a rareoccurrence. However, certain players who undergo transformations that require them to employ close-range strikes or acquire a melee weapon that's too good to pass up on may certainly benefit from this ability.

The fact that its upgrade allows players to return an action point three times in a turn is truly astounding, and hard-hitting hunters can make the most of this ability. It basically transforms melee hunters into glass cannons that can absolutely decimate their opponents.

3 Pinning Trapper

Jumpjaw is a fantastic skill that allows players to use a Swift Action to create a devastating trap that pins anyone in place. It also shreds armor.

While Jumpjaw is a great way to trap enemies, players can't just rely on it for all battles. Its uses are limited, and some enemies may also circumvent these traps, so a hunter who uses Jumpjaw should also have decent defense and attack for this build to be viable in Wildermyth.

2 Stealth Master

One of the main reasons for a hunter's effectiveness in combat is because of its stealth. Attacks from a grayplane ignore all armor, and a character who's hidden will not be hounded by enemies either.

Each ranged or melee kill allows hunters to enter stealth automatically. For obvious reasons, killing enemies and hiding in the shadows is a great move, making these hunters feel quite cool in the process.

1 Through Shot Maestro

Through Shot is a multiplayer skill that allows players to hit two enemies in a row with a ranged weapon. In Wildermyth, hitting multiple enemies at once makes battles shorter and more manageable, which is easy to understand why some players would desire this ability.

With this move, hunters become absolute monsters, allowing them to strike as many enemies in a line as permitted by their range.

Wildermyth is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch.