10 Best Mike Quotes from Better Call Saul

10 Best Mike Quotes from Better Call Saul ...

Jonathan Banks' involvement in Breaking Bad was what most would describe as a happy accident. During the second season of the show, Banks was cast as Saul Goodman's fixer. The character's further development throughout the series earned Banks a key role in the prequel series of Better Call Saul.

Mike Ehrmantraut has developed into one of the most complex characters in the Breaking Bad universe during his six seasons on the show. Through the prequel series' run, Jonathan Banks has received several Emmy nominations.

Spoilers Are On The Way

10 Mike Talks About His Son

In the episode "Five-O," very little is known about Mike's background on Breaking Bad, other than the fact that he has a granddaughter, Kaylee. In the first season of Better Call Saul, it's revealed that Mike's son, Matty, was murdered by his partners for refusing to get crooked.

The culmination of the episode is a highlight of Banks' performance on the show, as Mike confesses what happened to Matty to Stacey, his daughter-in-law. Mike points out the absurdity of admitting his own sin to Matty before he died:

It was for nothing. I reduced his size. I made him like me. And the b******* killed him nonetheless.

9 Mike's Advice To A Burgeoning Criminal

Several episodes in the first seasons of Better Call Saul revolve around Mike's business relationship with Daniel Wormald. Played by Mark Proksch, this pharmacist becomes an amateur criminal when he starts selling drugs to Nacho Varga, an associate of the Salamancas. However, hiring Mike as his bodyguard creates a moral dilemma for Daniel.

Mike sets the record straight about where Daniel stands in the black-and-white realm of morality following Daniel's first successful drug deal:

You've become a criminal. Is it a good or bad one? That's up to you.

As he tries to justify his involvement with horrible people, this becomes a sort of a thesis statement for Mike's future on the show.

8 Mike's Warning To Nacho

Nacho Varga's connection with the Salamancas only deteriorates as the show progresses. Nacho contacts Daniel Wormald once more to sell him sugar tablets, a task that attracts the interest of Mike. Deducing that Nacho intends to use them on Hector, Mike intervenes in their drug deal to issue a warning to Nacho.

Mike tells Nacho that he knows what will happen if Hector dies, especially after meeting Gus Fring.

There are more people to worry about here than the Salamancas. If you manage to pull this off without a bullet to your head, and switch those pills, then switch 'em back.

Nacho accepts Mike's advice and changes his medication, but not without being discovered out by Gus Fring, who later uses Nacho's assassination attempt as extortion.

7 Mike Rejects A Man's Grief

Mike is seen attending Stacey's grief counseling sessions in a few early episodes of Better Call Saul. He is still unable to cope with the loss of his son, but attacks the group when he correctly deduces that one of the participants, Henry, played by Marc Evan Jackson, is lying about his wife's death in an attempt to elicit a reaction from the group.

Henry is called out in front of everybody by Mike, causing havoc not only for Henry, but also for Stacey. As Mike likes it, it's a given:

He's been coming in here for months, giving you a bill of goods, and making you all teary-eyed and raving about every minute of it.

Despite being correct about Henry's deception, it's a brutal moment that demonstrates how afraid Mike is to deal with his own emotions.

6 Mike Carries On

Better Call Saul's Season 5, Episode 8 is a special episode that finds Jimmy and Mike alone in the desert hiking with Lalo's $7 million in cash through the hot desert. It's a true test of Willpower for the two characters, particularly when Jimmy collapses and tries to give up. Leave it to Mike Ehrmantraut to pick him up and advise him to continue.

Mike jokingly tells Jimmy why he does what he does after Jimmy asks why he should continue on.

I have people waiting for me. They don't know what I'll do, nor will they ever be protected. I do what I do in order to help others live a better life. As long as they have what they need, it doesn't make a difference. You ask me how I keep going.

5 Mike Helps Jimmy Forget

Jimmy struggles with the PTSD from his near-death experience in the desert with Mike. During a meeting in which Jimmy has a panic attack, Mike talks about his own experiences with grief, subtly influenced by Stacey:

One day, you'll wake up, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, and go about your business. Then, sooner or later, you'll realize you haven't considered it. None of it. And that's the moment you realize you can forget.

Following Jimmy's shocking witnessing of Howard Hamlin's murder in Season 6, this phrase becomes even more powerful, although it's difficult to know whether or not he truly believes it.

4 Mike Vouches For Nacho

The first few episodes of Season 6 follow the aftermath of Gus Fring's unsuccessful assassination attempt against Lalo. Nacho goes on the run, finding himself tracked down by the Salamanca cousins. Gus wants Nacho dealt with as well, but Mike is patient with Nacho's best interests.

He insists that in order to persuade Gus that Nacho deserves the easy way out, he must:

After all, the kid deserves your respect.

Despite Gus' agreement, there's an underlying fear that things will not go well for Nacho. And, considering how the next couple of episodes play out from there, they will go as well as they could have for the reluctant criminal.

3 Mike Finally Meets Kim Wexler

Better Call Saul's two interweaving plots are finally colliding in ways they've never before seen before. Previously, Jimmy McGill was the link between the pre-Breaking Bad world of crime and the legal drama involving Chuck, Howard, and Kim. In Episode 4 of Season 6, we even get the first meeting of two key characters: Kim and Mike.

Kim's fears are temporarily eased by Mike, who pays her a visit. According to Mike, the men following her are protecting them from Lalo, who may still be alive. When Kim asks why he's telling her rather than Jimmy, Mike replies softly, "Well, you're not going to tell him."

I believe you're made of a more sterner substance.

2 Mike Tries To Give Nacho's Dad Peace

After Nacho kills himself in order to avoid Salamanca's death, his sacrifice lingers on Mike throughout the remainder of the season. This is especially true when the threat of Lalo Salamanca has been dealt with in Episode 9 of Season 6, "Fun and Games." Mike pays a visit to Nacho's father, Manuel, to explain the truth.

Mike's eulogy of Nacho to Manuel from a fixer who rarely expresses emotion is equal parts heartbreaking and commendable. As Mike assures him:

Your son made some errors. He fell in with bad people, but he never was like them. Not that he was interested in this matter. He had a good heart.

Manuel is unconvinced by Mike's argument, strongly stating that Mike is no different from the cruel drug lords who took control of Nacho in the end.

1 Mike's Best Advice To Saul Goodman

The most recent episode of Better Call Saul brings everything back to life, going back to the Breaking Bad time period and revealing how Saul Goodman got caught up in the Walter White business. After their first meeting in the desert, Saul hires Mike to track Walt's identity, discovering that he is a chemistry teacher who has teamed up with his former junkie student.

Saul tries to persuade Mike that working with Walt would be a fantastic idea, which Mike counterclaims, saying, "We don't need to work with Walt."

Years ago I bought a Betamax. It's a good quality product, top of the line, and it was rated by experts as better than a VHS. It turned out to be a total waste of time and money.

If only Saul would follow Mike's advice, then he would not be stuck in Omaha working at a Cinnabon, with all of his assets being confiscated by the FBI.