Season 2 of House of the Dragon is returning, but how long will HBO wait?

Season 2 of House of the Dragon is returning, but how long will HBO wait? ...

We recognize that there will be no permanent HBO reboot for House of the Dragonseason 2. Does it feel like a foregone conclusion? We have a hard time imagining that this will be a one-and-done show, especially when you consider the legacy ofGame of Thrones and the franchises' overall legacy. We also know that there will be other ideas discussed in the future.

So when it comes to greenlighting another batch of episodes, it's likely that there'll be something you'll get information on sooner rather than later.

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HBO should not announce a renewal before the first episode this month. Instead, they will look at viewership for the first couple of episodes and, after that, confirm that more is on the way. Weve seen them do something similar with previous shows as these viewer metrics are nice in press releases.

The main reason to renew a season is to ensure that the producers can get back to planning season 2 sooner rather than later. Especially considering the HBO Max and Discovery+ joint streaming service, there are few bigger shows that could help promote it in the early going, especially considering the Game of Thronesuniverse's big screens. A season 2 may not be available next summer when the service might launch, but it might be shortly after the fact.

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