Every Known Member of the Momobami Clan, Ranked by Kakegurui

Every Known Member of the Momobami Clan, Ranked by Kakegurui ...

When a few members of Kirari's extended family visit Hyakkaou Private Academy to participate in the Election games, viewers see how large the Momobami Clan is in Kakegurui XX. They have formed a network of members that span across Japan (and possibly further) making them the most influential and revered people in the country.

Kirari Momobami may be the CEO of this conglomerate, but this position is up for grabs along with the presidency position, and her cutthroat family couldn't be happier! So let's meet Kirari's competitive subordinates from the Momobami Clan introduced so far in the Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler and Kakegurui XX anime series on Netflix.

As of the beginning of Kakegurui XX, the following families (excluding the Jabami clan, to avoid spoilers) have been ranked according to where they appear in the Momobami family hierarchy.

10 Rei Batsubami: Stuck in Servitude

This ambiguous character did not appear in the manga nor was she created exclusively for the anime series, which is surprising considering how significant her role in Kakegurui XX is. The Batsubami family is forced into a life of servitude, waiting for all of the other members of the Momobami clan for the rest of their lives, further fueled by the death of her childhood "friend."

Rei, a clever lady, uses the invisible power of servitude to her advantage and makes a bold attempt to deceive everyone's attention by selling the presidency position in the Hundred Votes Auction. She almost reaches a million yen in the process with a simple coin toss, and, thanks to her (and Yumeko) is finally permitted to join the Momobami clan, with a new, self-appointed family name.

9 Erimi Mushibami: Torture Department

With her iconic Finger Guilotione contraption used in one of the most sadomasochistic gambles, Midari got a great thrill out of this game, and Yumeko was overjoyed to expose the young girl for her ludicrous behaviors.

Erimi prefers her Gothic Lolita outfit to a school uniform, which perfectly matches her iconic pink pigtails and two-toned irises. She may be the youngest member of the group, but do not be fooled by Erimi's deviously clever side, which conceals her immaturity. When the tables are turned, however, the young girl loses all confidence and becomes a blubbering mess.

8 Nozomi Komabami: Canine Enthusiast

Nozomi always has her trusty "steed" by her side and is rarely seen without her massive Saint-Bernard.

Nozomi takes on the vice president in a game of Gin Rummy in the final round, the outcome of which will be determined. She gives the impression that she is more of a follower rather than a leader and is unlikely to be a decent replacement for Kirari.

7 Miroslava Honebami: Clean-Up Crew

Miroslava has proven herself to be a solid opponent in the gambling world, yet she does not intend to be the president or clan leader herself, only advocating for Terano Totobami's claim to the throne. She is also adamant that she should not be underestimated, although she is ineffective at deception, which is not an attractive feature for gamblers.

Miroslava almost wins the Greater Good Game after following the instructions provided for her (by Itsuki), but sacrifices it all without hesitation when logic dictates that everyone would lose otherwise. The gesture of donating all her tokens to the greater good speaks volumes about Miroslava's character as a whole.

6 Sumika Warakubami: The Great Pretender

Many people get strong Japanese horror vibes from Sumika, who may have easily acted as a Samara Morgan substitute in The Ring. In most instances, Sumika goes completely unnoticed, although everyone snaps to attention in those few instances she does speak. She seems to be quite friendly with Rin, except when Kawaru Natari appears unexpectedly.

Sumika, an A-list actress, is the ideal opponent for pop star Yumemi Yumemite, who has idolized Kawaru for years! This savage entertainer was presumably created to splinter apart from the Momobami clan, since she is more interested in her career rather than gaining a gambling reputation.

5 Rin and Ibara Obami: The Hustlers

Rin and Ibara are at times difficult to reconcile as they approach life in different ways. Ibara appears to be more aggressive, impulsive, and egotistical, but with a good head on his shoulders and an insightful eye for detail. He gets himself the 7th spot in the Election with 26 points, but it seems he isn't up to Momobami standards.

Rin receives more respect from his extended family than Ibara, by proving that he is not someone to be irritated with because his analytical mind is going a mile a minute. On several occasions, Rin shows on several occasions that he is willing to withdraw from a gamble when things become irrational and takes the leading position for male representation in the Election, with 72 votes.

Medicinal Specialists: Miri Yobami and Miyo Inbami 4

Although these lovely ladies are essentially separate clans, they are directly related; sisters who were unfortunately separated when their families separated off (divorce, perhaps?) Miri and Miyo were so close as children that they developed their own, unique language that they still communicate to this day without a word!

Miri and Miyo have the impression of being very polite and kind-mannered ladies, but their tactics may be the worst underhanded of all. Using their knowledge in poisons (and cures), Miyo rarely ignores the rules and prefers to infect their opponents with deadly chemicals through sleight-of-hand. Together, they claim the eighth position in the Election rankings with 21 votes, but Miri decided to withdraw from the race shortly after her catastrophic defeat at Nim Type Zero.

3 Terano and Yumi Totobami: Peace Keepers

Yumi Totobami, who is evidently the Ganguro of the Kakegurui group, has yet to reveal her gambling capabilities to Kakegurui followers. Terano's sister was fortunate to be saved from living on the streets and now acts as the carefree caretaker for her sister.

Terano is puzzled about being wheelchair-bound, not that it matters, as the ability to walk isn't a prerequisite for a successful gambler. She has maintained her 2nd place finish since the beginning, although she's done more work behind the scenes than at the poker table (so to speak).)

Leaders of the Pack: Kirari and Ririka Momobami

Kirari is the ultimate antagonist as her sick, sadistic games have become a law at Hyakkaou Academy after she won the Presidential Award and implemented the house pet system. As the leader of the Momobami clan as well, she has become arguably the most powerful individual in the country, spreading misfortune wherever she pleases. She seems to lack any moral code whatsoever.

Ririka's personality contrasts with that of her twin sister, as the shy, reserved, and submissive one, who has little self-esteem to face the world, unless it's from behind her mask. Kirari's side is rarely seen far away until Ririka gives her loyalty to Mary Saotome, who has refused to join the Student Council. But is Ririka really interested in Mary's ascension to the throne?

1 Yumeko Jabami: In League of Her Own

Yumeko is arguably the standout character on the show, as she defies risk-taking to a T. She refuses to give up gambling when she is humiliated publicly in the process. Ironically, several of her victims return to her side as a friend and allies, grateful for the life lesson they learned during their gambling session with Yumeko.

Yumeko Jabami's connection to the Momobami clan (which is only revealed in Season 2 episode 4 of Kakegurui) is causing some fans to wonder why she chose to enroll in the school in the first place? Is she another member of The Hundred Devouring Families that is intent on ending Kirari's presidency, and why did the president not acknowledge their relationship before? No spoilers, as promised, but the answer is within an Easter Egg!

"The Zero Girl" is a Kakegurui XX episode 12, which is rewatched.