Cars on the Road: Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Cars on the Road: Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far ...

Cars on the Road is a new series based on the original 2006 film. Expect nothing but pure randomness and unexpected plot twists during their journey!

Steve Purcell, Bobby Podesta, and Brian Fee have all been involved in previous Cars films. Marc Sondheimer has also directed several films for Pixar, including the critically acclaimed Coco. The series' score is composed by Jake Monaco, the same person behind the music in Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

Keep an eye on this program (and the road!). Here's everything we know so far about Cars on the Road.

When Can You Stream Cars on the Road?

Cars on the Road is available for free on Disney+. The series will premiere on September 8, 2022.

Is It Possible to Watch Cars on the Road Without Disney+?

No. The Pixar-produced series is only available on Disney+. The streaming platform is available on mobile devices, smart televisions, web browsers, set-top boxes, and even video consoles.

Is There a Trailer For Cars on the Road?

Pixar released the teaser for Cars on the Road on August 1, 2022. The film opens with Lightning McQueen doing what he does best - drifting on the rugged desert terrains outside the charming town of Radiator Springs. The trailer then switches to McQueen and his tow truck buddy Mater, who begins the race by refusing the challenge.

Cars on the Road is a hilarious road trip through the most unorthodox places filled with hilarious surprises. Mater announces that he will not be in town for a while to attend his sisters wedding (surprise, surprise!) Mater suggests that he tag along.

What Is Cars on the Road About?

Lightning McQueen and Mater are on a road trip to the east to attend a wedding, with Maters sister (that no one knows of) being the bride. During their journey, the duo will encounter random road trips and meet new people. Who knows, you may even meet a familiar face from previous Cars projects.

How Many Episodes Will Cars on the Road Have?

Cars on the Road will have a total of nine episodes, all of which will be released on the original release date.

When Did Production on Roadcars Begin?

On Disney Investors Day, the announcement of a new animated series focusing on Lightning McQueen and Mater traveling the country was announced, as well as a confirmation that the show would be available for streaming in the fall of 2022. On the same day, it was announced that certain characters from the Cars spin-off films Planes and Planes: Fire & Rescue might be included in the series.

Who's In the Cast of Cars on the Road?

Owen Wilson will reprise his role as Lightning McQueen, a professional race car in the Piston Cup who competes in the World Grand Prix in Cars 2. He will take on a mentoring role as Mater, a local tow truck with roots in Radiator Springs.

Cars on the Road features familiar faces, such as town attorney and McQueens love interest Sally Carrera (Bonnie Hunt). Fillmore (Lloyd Sherr), the hippie Volkswagen, and also new characters. Like the monster truck Ivy voiced by Quinta Brunson of ABC's Abbott Elementary, the show also features new characters.

While you wait for cars on the road, here are some Disney+ original series you may watch.

The Musical: The Series: This series is a mockumentary about a fictionalized version of East High School, which, you may guess, is where the film was shot. The story follows a group of adolescents who are auditioning for a production of the High School Musical, which includes actors such as Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and others.

Baymax!: A spin-off from Disney's Big Hero 6, the Pixar team now has a stand-alone program called Baymax!. True to its name, the program follows Baymax, a robot designed by Hiros late brother Tadashi, who plays a nurse and provides help to the city of San Fransokyo. Expect nothing but cuteness and wholesome goodness from the series.

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is a Disney 2011 remake of The Proud Family, based in 2022. Trudy, Penny's mother who is making big career moves, Oscar, Penny's father, who is resurrected, and the return of the loving but intimidating Sugar Mama are all among the characters on this list.