BitLife's How to Be a Fashion Designer

BitLife's How to Be a Fashion Designer ...

The role of Fashion Designer is a rare one in BitLife. It does not appear too often on the Occupation page, which can be frustrating if you wish your character to follow this career path. Doing this will ensure that your character gets the best chance of being accepted for the role.

How to get the Fashion Designer job

The Fashion Designer job is similar to almost every career in BitLife. It is randomly generated. We recommend that you delete the application completely, then restart it on your phone once more. When you restart the application once again and return to the Occupation page, a fresh assortment of jobs will be available.

Make sure your character attends college before you apply for this job. This can be done by visiting the library, reading books, or using the memory game during their early academic learning.

The last thing to do after completing a Graphic Design degree is to find a job. This job will be available under Jr. Fashion Designer. You will need to begin here and steadily climb the ranks of this career before becoming a full-fledged Fashion Designer.