The renewal of Yellowstone season 6 is a great time to make the news

The renewal of Yellowstone season 6 is a great time to make the news ...

We know that Yellowstoneseason 5 is yet to be released, but do you think that is keeping us from talking about season 6? Here's a hint: It's not.

It is important to note that for the time being, nothing has been announced on a second season. This isnt TOO surprising, mostly in that they did not get firm information on a season 5 until a little earlier this year. The Paramount Network can be a bit variable when it comes to when they will give more episodes the go-ahead. It is the largest program in the network's history, and is currently the largest on cable TV period.

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If you missed it earlier this year,Yellowstoneseason 5 will be the longest chapter to date with 14 episodes. These will be split into halves, with the first part coming on November 13. If we had it our way, wed say that a season 6 renewal should be announced during the hiatus following episode 7.

If there is one thing that might hold a season 6 back, it is whether Costner or creator Taylor Sheridan are willing to give up on season 5 and say no to this show. While we do believe that this program will not be repeated forever (or even to a season 10), it probably will continue to air.

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