A Marvel Spider-Man 2 fan has created interesting DLC concepts

A Marvel Spider-Man 2 fan has created interesting DLC concepts ...

The sequel to Marvels Spider-Man is set to be released next year, and while many are hoping to see the game in action at the next PlayStation Showcase, right now gamers only have a teaser trailer to go off. However, a Marvels Spider-Man 2 fan has shared their thoughts on DLC.

If a fan wanted, the post-launch content would be split into three separate DLC chapters that all told a single connected narrative. This format will certainly be familiar to fans of the original Marvels Spider-Man, as each of these fan-made concepts will feature a new villain, ensuring that the games' boss lineup would complete its release shortly.

The DLC content suggested by wil_je-vechten on Reddit seems to have a theme of massive villains. Stegron is a human dinosaur with a genius-level intellect and when transformed, he uses his tail and claws to attack anyone who opposes him.

Players would complete A Dark Night, a DLC based on Morbius, which has long sparked controversy. Although Morbius has a reputation for making some of his own morbin time memes, he is nonetheless one of the most morally complex foes that Spidey has ever faced.

A Drop of Blood, which includes The Lizard, is the only character in this fan's lineup that appears to have already been transformed into the Lizard at least once. With hundreds of upvotes and numerous positive comments for this collection of DLC concepts, wil_je-vechten hit it out the park.

The Marvel Spider-Man 2 release date has been left as a vague 2023, so it will be awhile before fans discover whether the game will receive much extra content. If it does, the villains featured in these concepts would certainly be nice to see in action.

Spider-Man: The Last Airbender is scheduled to be released for PS5 in 2023.