Fans are angry that Mojang has removed the Technoblade tribute from the Minecraft launcher

Fans are angry that Mojang has removed the Technoblade tribute from the Minecraft launcher ...

The world came together to mourn the loss of the one-of-a-kind creator whenTechnoblade passed away in June 2022. Touchingtributes of all kinds were shared, confirming his legacy and significance as both a creator and individual.

Technoblade was a staple in theMinecraftcommunity and is one of the main reasons the game is so huge as it is. His contributions are legendary, and his skill set is unmatched. Many within theMinecraftcommunity believe that he is one of, if not the, primary reasons why the game has such a strong revival and popularity.

One of the most powerful tributes paid following the passing of the Minecraft stars was from the Minecraft creators themselves. Around June 2, 2022, Mojang changed their launcher artwork and placed a crown beside Steve and Alex in honor of the iconic animal from Technoblades.

Many expected the touching tribute to Technoblade to be on the launcher for ever, or at least for a few months, but this is not the case. A pig wearing Technoblade's signature crown is now a completely different banner advertising theMinecraftsWild Update.

Changes in the launcher art are understandable, but because there is still a pig in the bottom left corner of this banner, it is quite surprising that Mojang didnt include a tribute for the artwork change. Despite this, supporters have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure and rage.

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, wrote one fan who also shared the #MINECRAFTISOVERPARTY hashtag. Many more outraged fans have since shared this hashtag as they call for Mojang to pay tribute to Technoblade once more.


Another fan remarked that the Minecraft icon should be placed back on the launcher because he deserves to be there after being one of the main reasons Minecraft was revived. The same fan also pointed out that Mojang had added the tribute only once in a month.

One other fan pointed out that the artwork used to replace the one used in the Technoblade tribute is old art, which makes the situation even worse. This fan believes that Mojang made the decision for no particular reason. It would have made much more sense to replace the item with brand new artwork rather than recycle it.

Where did technoblade end? i understand that they would remove it eventually, but did they have to do it completely randomly and for no specific reason? if you are removing the technoblade tribute please replace it with some new art, not old ones.

Some enthusiasts have at least seen the Technoblade never dies! splash text on theMinecraftloading screen, but most of the community believes this isn't enough.

Techno is no longer available on the Minecraft launcher anymore, but i was blown away with a Technoblade Never dies! on the menu so

Another fan expressed their desire to include a better reference to the Technoblades legacy in Minecraft. This fan believes that the splash text does not represent his legacy.

Please include a link to Technoblade back into the launcher or, even better, into the actual game.A splash text is not enough to convey his legacy. #AddTechnoBack

To see whether Mojang will restore the old artwork or pay homage to the new one, remains to be seen. Fans hope Mojang will reinstate some form of tribute on the launcher and official artwork, or even introduce some more permanent and significant changes in the game itself, such as giving players the ability to make a Technoblade pig in-game in a similar way to the famous Jeb sheep trick.