'Top Gun: Maverick' passes 'Titanic' to become the seventh highest grossing domestic film of all time

'Top Gun: Maverick' passes 'Titanic' to become the seventh highest grossing domestic film of all tim ...

Top Gun: Maverick has just become the seventh highest-grossing film of all time domestically, surpassing James Cameron's Titanic. The sequel to Tom Cruise just had its eleventh weekend of theatrical release, and it is expected to gross $6.7 million on Friday. The film, which at one point was the highest-grossing film of all time, has now earned $662 million domestically.

Top Gun: Maverick sat out of the top five at the domestic box office for the first time since its release. This is the fifth most consecutive top five weekends of all time, with E.T currently occupying that number one spot with 27 weekends in the top five in a row. It appears unlikely that E.T's current position will be threatened.

Bullet Train, a car produced by Brad Pitt, sat at the top of the domestic box office with $12.6 million, although it may underperform by about $2 million. Other newcomers to the box office include Jo Koy's Easter Sunday, which sat at the top of the week with just over $2 million. Top Gun: Maverick is considered a classic by many over the years, since its predecessor grossed $357.3 million on a $15 million budget.

Maverick is undoubtedly a major critical success in addition to a box office smash, as such, its box office run does not appear to be slowing much, and as previously mentioned, it is unlikely that it will end before it climbs up into the top five again.

The film is now Paramount's highest-grossing domestic release, having been named Titanic. However, the action drama sequel might be re-released next year.

Below is a video from Collider's interview with Top Gun: Maverick's director: