How Stephen Kings' Production Was Supposedly Disrupted By Ezra Miller

How Stephen Kings' Production Was Supposedly Disrupted By Ezra Miller ...

Ezra Miller has received a lot of attention over their personal lives, not just for their professional endeavors, such as playing The Flash in the DC Extended Universe, but also for the controversy surrounding their relationship with activist Tokata Iron Eyes. This has ranged from being arrested several times in Hawaii, to adopting a woman and her three children to a farm in Vermont, which claims to be a safe haven from illegal marijuana cultivation.

Trashcan Man, one of Alexander Skarsgards Randall Flagg's minions, appeared in the 2020 miniseries (which can be viewed with a Paramount+ subscription) and Kevin Armstrong, an extra from The Stand, about their time together on the miniseries based on the popular Stephen King novel. Armstrong also claimed that Miller made the following offensive joke:

'Hey, what are you doing here? You don't belong here,' said the bartender.

According to Kevin Armstrong, things got worse when a legal counsel and manager were called in because many people on the set were feeling unsafe around them, including Armstrong, who described Miller's behavior as disgusting and horribly unprofessional. In addition, a video emerged on social media of Millerchoking a woman at a bar in 2020.

Ezra Miller's main TV/streaming project to date was The Stand, although before they became famous, they recurred as Tucker Bryant on the USA Network series Royal Pains; the miniseries was praised by critics as being mixed. Miller also voiced D.A. Sinclair in an episode of Amazon's Invincible, which is returning for a second season.

Ezra Miller's controversies have posed questions about the Scarlet Speedsters' solo film, which will be Miller's fifth cinematic appearance as Barry Allen following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and both versions of Justice League (Miller also starred as the character in the Peacemaker Season 1 finale) for the time being; for the time being, Warner Bros. is still considering what to do with The Flash, and it's unclear when a decision will be made