Misfits defeat MAD Lions and climb to third place on the LEC Summer Split leaderboard

Misfits defeat MAD Lions and climb to third place on the LEC Summer Split leaderboard ...

Misfits won their final game before the final superweek of the 2022 LEC Summer Split regular season. MAD Lions were hoping for a victory to cement their playoff chances.

League fans were primarily drawn towards the bot lane where Misfits exhibited a deadly and deadly combo of Twitch and Yuumi, while MAD Lions chose a sparkling duo of Zeri and Rakan in the post-game interview. That duo would prove to be the main Misfits' strategy towards victory.

MAD Lions gained the first blood thanks to a perfectly-timed invasion of their opponents' jungle that led Elyoya to defeat Zanzarahs Trundle. Misfits quickly caught up with the uneven kill score by catch their opponent on the top lane off guard.

MAD Lions had a slight advantage in gold, kills, and towers, but Misfits kept their distance from their opponents with positive cross-map actions. The play backfired when Misfits caught them in the Magical Cats ultimate ability, sending them to a swift and deadly death by Twitchs bullets.

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Misfits have all the tools to stifle their way to victory when the former traps a trap around the drakes pit. Despite MAD Lions' efforts, Misfits pushed them away, and a fight ensued.

The late-game power spike from Misfits components is too great to overthrow. Misfits sliced through the opponent team and won their fourth consecutive win, confirming their position on the LEC Summer Split podium.

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MAD Lions maintain their lead in the league, though the team must win two more games before they can claim their spot in the playoffs.

The first and second stages of the LEC Summer Split were separated last week, and both teams have three games to face before the end of the regular season.