After a dominant victory over Rogue in the 2022 LEC Summer Split, SK maintains their Playoff chances

After a dominant victory over Rogue in the 2022 LEC Summer Split, SK maintains their Playoff chances ...

Every team in the LEC currently has the potential to qualify for the Playoffs, including SK Gaming, who are banking everything on these final few games.

Following a dominant victory over Rogue, SK has a three-way tie for second place in the LEC, with just one defeat keeping them from watching the Playoffs from the sidelines.

@SKGaming, win! #LEC

Rogues support Trymbi, collaborating with Comp as Ashe, and made the teams bot lane an aggressive one that constantly pushed SK underneath their turret for protection. Unfortunately, a Hawkshot fired towards the enemy jungle failed to spot SK's jungler Gilius, giving Jezus Vayne an early lead that would grow significantly from there on.

Rogue attempted to react by launching a four-person dive into SK's bot lane, but failed to deal sufficient damage that would send them down, leading them to make several tower shots that were capitalized on by Sertuss. This marked the beginning of what became a huge demonstration of SKs solo laners, realizing the potential of their damage and maneuverability that would continually engulf the members of Rogue.

JNX's tanky Shyvana was forced to snowball their lead through objectives while Rogue was forced to salvage what they could from the vision they could safely attain. In a bid for Hextech Soul, JNX jumped from behind them in a chase for Hextech Soul, causing little to no damage and leading his team to their sixth victory.

Rogues' team composition required constant synergy to ensure that opponents caught off-guard were prioritized. The Ashe ultimate, Taliyah W, and Pantheon W helped them pick off opponents on multiple occasions. Yet, SKs' carries found their moments to shine, kitting their enemies out and almost always being out of danger.

Rogue lost their only edge on second to slip to Misfits and Team Vitality in the LEC, only one win behind MAD Lions, both of whom have clinched their place in the Summer Playoffs. SK must continue their winning streak till the final super week of the Summer Split, otherwise they will join Team BDS.