8 JRPGs With Fantastic World Building

8 JRPGs With Fantastic World Building ...

Japanese role-playing games were once regarded for displaying significant differences from western RPGs, but modern-day releases have sought to reintroduce the term. JRPGs have the ability to detach themselves from the features once associated with them, but the genre's distinctive approach to its world-building remains.

The fantasy genre plays a key role in JRPGs, and the worlds created for them are often filled with endless wonder and wonder. The best games of this genre will usually have a real world for a player to wander around, but some utilize its settings much more effectively.

8 Xenoblade Chronicle 2

Rex, a young orphan, is taken away from his once peaceful life as a treasure hunter into a world of action. While searching the interior of a modern vessel, he stumbles upon Aegis, a legendary blade that contains magical powers. Jin prevents him from touching it by stabbing him.

Rex awakens in a mysterious land alongside Pyra, a young lady who longs for the Blades and the Drivers. The game's charm is owed to Alrest's charming design. It is an immersive world filled with breathtaking landscapes and jaw-dropping creatures.

7 Vagrant Story

Ashley Riot, a young man who is widely regarded as one of the world's leading Riskbreakers, is given the task of investigating the ruined city of Lea Monde in order to discover the connection between a cult and a parliament official. Ashley discovers a terrifying underground world that threatens everything he loves.

The Vagrant Story's world-building highlights the corrupt power that controls the New Valendian Kingdom, a prosperous metropolis managed by a mysterious ruler. Its design conveys a warm welcome, but the corrupt politicians who pull the strings completely negate its tranquility.

6 Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Cloud and his companions spent a brief period in Midgar in the original Final Fantasy 7, but the Remake sought to deepen the city by establishing the whole narrative behind its walls, giving Midgar an enormous boost.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, set primarily in Midgar's undercity, allows the player to wander to lesser-known slums of the city and witness the misery that Shinra leaves in its path. It offers an eye-opening glimpse into Shinra's treacherous ways, which cements the company as a force that must be destroyed.

5 Persona 5

Persona 5 chronicles the story of a young high school student named Joker who is wrongfully accused of assaulting a young woman. After witnessing a young woman being harassed, Joker steps in to try and save her, but the attacker manages to persuade the authorities that Joker was the culprit.

Persona 5 is set in a fictional Tokyo where the player can explore the famous places of Shinjuku, Akihabara, and Shibuya. Although the dark color palette suggests that there is a sinister presence lurking in the game series.

4 The World Ends With You

Neku Sakuraba's eerie tale of coming to terms with his death is chronicled in The World Ends With You, in the hope of discovering the answers he seeks.

Though The World Ends With You should depict Shibuya as a haunting afterlife full of dangerous creatures, it instead presents it as an unusually welcoming city full of life. This strange representation allows the player to immerse themselves in the vibrant city without worrying about its purpose as an afterlife. Its inviting nature works to lower the player's guard, making the game's finale far more terrifying.

3 NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata is set 1,000 years after humanity's extinction, following the story of two androids named 2B and 9S, who have been tasked with conserving Earth by protecting it from machine lifeforms that threaten it.

Nier's post-apocalyptic world aspires to portray humanity's world-ending actions. It's a savage wasteland on which very little remains, making exploring its reaches difficult due to the destruction encountered at every turn.

2 Final Fantasy 10

Tidus is on a mission to vanquish the evil forces that control his newfound existence, after being forced from his hometown to an unfamiliar territory. Sin is a frighteningly large whale-like creature capable of devastating entire cities in one go.

Tidus will find himself encountering a diverse landscape and locale on his quest to defeat this hordes of rats. Starting his adventure on a small tropical island, the young Blitzball star travels to a vast assortment of different lands that, when combined, all serve to highlight that Spira is a vibrant place full of charm and history.

1 Kingdom Hearts

The original Kingdom Hearts marked the beginning of the Keyblade's chosen one's journey across a vast universe. The opening scene sees Sora's home planet being destroyed by the forces of darkness, an event that leads him on a magical journey to reconnect with his friends.

Sora will travel through a wide array of Disney-themed worlds throughout his journey. The use of these Disney properties in the game allows the player to witness a wide variety of different stories while following a single adventure.