Zoey Deutch Discusses Generous Co-Stars, Positives of Method Acting, Her Producing Goals, 'Not Okay,' and More

Zoey Deutch Discusses Generous Co-Stars, Positives of Method Acting, Her Producing Goals, 'Not Okay, ...

Zoey Deutch has been busy pursuing her passion for video games for years now, and her work is nothing short of exceptional. Not only has she accumulated credits that highlight her greatest weaknesses while also demonstrating her versatility in front of the camera, but she has also invested considerable time in developing her behind-the-scenes skills.

Danni Sanders is played by Deutch in the film. In a number of ways, Dannis is having a rough time with the project. She decides to take a trip to Paris, Photoshopping pictures from her Brooklyn apartment, and she's determined to become a hero when she returns." Rather than fess up and admit the truth, Danni becomes caught up in gaining momentum.

On a brand new episode of Collider Ladies Night, Deutch covered some of her early dreams of becoming an actor.

It's one thing to declare that you want to become an actor, but it's another to believe that you can do it, and to believe in your own abilities for that matter. During her early improv classes, Deutch explained how much she deeply loves her craft.

I remember when I became really locked in and I loved it. It was very therapeutic. I don't know if it was that I felt really good at it. I do know. But I did feel really locked in, for lack of a better way of expressing [it].

Deutch was able to accept the challenge back then, because new ones are constantly popping up in film and television. For example, when it came to the Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan-created series The Politician, Deutch was hesitant to become confident in her work until she saw the finished product.

My character, Jessica Lange's relationship, is very isolated from the rest of the story. It's like an isolated world that doesn't really interact much until it does with the main story. And I just wanted to be a good partner Jessica who was my absolute idol. And when I saw it, I was pretty proud of it!

Thepolitician appreciated the importance of being a good scene partner, and it's something Deutch continues to hold true no matter how big the project. I think being a good scene partner is a must. When you're acting, you should be thinking about your scene partner.

Deutch went on to highlight two previous scene partners who influenced her in two totally different ways, beginning with her legendary The Outfit co-star, Mark Rylance:

He is, for the most part, a character, or method. But his way of not letting that affect other people is hes very quiet and hes just kind of snoozes off. I think method has a really negative connotation to it. But he was just nothing but lovely, and nothing but respectful. But I ended up mirroring his energy between scenes because I didnt want to disrupt him.

Next up, she highlighted her Zombieland: Double Tap co-star, Jesse Eisenberg, who contributed an incredible amount of generosity to the collaboration process:

He's amazing. He's writing for everyone around him. At least my experience with him, he was so kind. He was so generous about what was going on in his head and what we could do to help him excel and have more fun in the scene, and it made me want to do the same for him. He was amazing and brilliant, and I was surprised that he ever had such great ideas.

Deutch understands the importance of being a team player in front of the camera, as well as embracing what it means to be a behind-the-scenes parent in a significant way as a producer. From there she went on to produce Buffaloed and serve as an executive producer on Not Okay. On top of that, the project that earned her her fourth producing credit, Something from Tiffanys, is set to be released later this year.

I decided to ask what producing implies to Deutch, considering that she invests so much time and effort in this part of her career.

Im involved in juggling up and fine tuning scripts. Im the shittiest writer, but I am passionate about writers and I hope to be of service and assistance to them in that way. I want the set design and the costumes and the marketing and the posters and that sort of stuff. I really want to continue to work with fantastic, talented department heads and be able to be a part of the process of rewarding individuals who are kind and good at their job.

Not Okay is a streaming service that allows you to see all of these qualities and goals come to life on screen. It's also abundantly clear that Deutch successfully contributed to the development of a strong behind-the-scenes team because Not Okay does not work unless everyone is on the same page, driven to achieve a very specific shared goal.

In Not Okay, Danni makes one terrible, selfish decision after the next, but it's often difficult to watch, but if done correctly, an extreme situation like Dannis may highlight real-world, more personal truths just as much, if not more, than a narrative focusing on a more traditional redemptive arc.

One of the things that I took away that was really important to me was, at the end, when she realizes that this is not her story. She should learn how to listen better. It's time for her to be quiet, and there's something really valuable in learning how to be a better listener in this world and in this life.

Do you want to see Deutch's take on Not Okay and her journey in the business so far? You may watch her episode of Collider Ladies Night in the video at the top of this article or listen to our conversation uncut in podcast form below: