Elon Musk Explains Why He Won't Make a Video Game Console to Compete With PlayStation and Xbox

Elon Musk Explains Why He Won't Make a Video Game Console to Compete With PlayStation and Xbox ...

Elon Musk is extremely online and open to sharing information about technology of all kinds. That includes video games, as he has previously discussed his favorite games, his Elden Ring build, and other topics on social media. A recent gaming related focus of Musk's is bringing Steam to Tesla vehicles so that they may be played on the dashboard.

Musk was asked if he'd like to build a video game console during a recent episode of the Full Send Podcast. Musk is evidently a fan of video games, has enormous wealth, and is experienced enough to know how to differentiate his own console from a PlayStation or Xbox. However, he responds fairly explicitly with a "no."

Musk reveals that he is "not sure" if additional video game consoles would bring any benefit to the present market. Further, he states that video game consoles are "basically PCs," perhaps implying that he sees consoles as becoming increasingly indistinguishable from PC gaming.

It's easy to see how Musk's gaming habits are influenced by his current Tesla gaming goals. It'd certainly make headlines if Musk announced that he'd be partnering with Sony or Microsoft to integrate PS5 or Xbox Series X consoles into Tesla cars. Instead, Musk's goal is to have Steam run on Tesla dashboards.

If Musk decides to develop his own video game console, he'll certainly start with an audience. On social media, Musk has a large following of followers who share his thoughts and opinions. The connection between this audience and the video game community is evident, too, as a result of Musk's gaming-related remarks.

That's not to say that Musk is wrong when he says there may be little value in adding another console to the current gaming market. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have all found success due in large part to foundations built over multiple console generations. Since Xbox in 2001, there hasn't been a single major player in the market that has remained active.