Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles: A peek behind the scenes

Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles: A peek behind the scenes ...

Here is a wonderful reminder that you are not alone when it comes toNCIS: Los Angelesseason 14 on CBS. The program has been in production for a few weeks now, and we tend to anticipate the cast and crew to be preparing some new stuff.

Medalion Rahimi (Fatima) poses for a photo along with Caleb Castille (Rountree), Eric Christian Olsen (Deeks) and Daniela Ruah (Kensi) at the end of this article. These four are obviously a huge part of the cast at this point, and we expect them to all have a lot of fun to do this season.

So what are we anticipating right now? Of course, there will be plenty of action, but also some new faces. Given that the Katya story was resolved towards the end of season 13, we wouldnt be too surprised if another Big Bad surfaced at some point. That might be Kessler for at least a part of the season, but we tend to believe that other foes may surface as well; this sort of insight is always enjoyable on a show like this.

Season 14 ofNCIS: LAis will premiere on Sunday, October 9, and more previews will be released as we get closer. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen whether or not this will be the final season. That's something you've got to exercise.

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