A Miles Morales-style spin-off for Guerrilla's Horizon Series might be suggested

A Miles Morales-style spin-off for Guerrilla's Horizon Series might be suggested ...

During the PlayStation 4 generation, Sony's first-party studios developed a number of iconic games, including Insomniac Games' Spider-Man, Guerrilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn, and Santa Monica Studio's God of War (2018). The PlayStation 5 is either in the running, or will include sequels that continue these now-franchises. Horizon Forbidden West will be released in February, and God of War Ragnarok will be released on November 9.

Insomniac released a few DLC expansions following Marvel's Spider-Man in 2018, including a spin-off about the titular second Spidey from Harlem, which served as a set-up for the franchise's true sequel, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which is expected to be released sometime in 2023.

A Brief History of Horizon's World

Horizon Zero Dawn was a significant departure for Guerrilla, known for its Killzone sci-fi first-person shooter franchise. With Horizon, the studio explored a post-apocalyptic America in which humanity was reduced to a fragment of modern-day society, which she becomes one of the most skilled hunters in the land.

Aloy received a Focus in Zero Dawn's cold open, an old-world smart device that allows her to better understand the machines, why they exist, and how the planet came to ruin. Faro Automated Solutions was then partnered with military contracts that produced a line of "Chariot" war machines. Project Zero Dawn was launched by scientist Elisabet Sobeck, who helped regenerate the Earth after its destruction.

As it turns out the Eclipse are being manipulated by HADES, the AI responsible for running Project Zero Dawn, which was previously meant to wipe the slate clean in the event non-viable ecosystems were cultivated. HADES' current purpose is a more twisted version of that destruction.

Horizon Forbidden West profiles a group of wealthy people named the Far Zeniths who negotiated an off-world settlement while Project Zero Dawn fought to the finish line. However, Aloy discovers that Nemesis, a more dangerous AI, was born from the intermingling consciousnesses of a failed digital immortality experiment, was running from its creators' home world.

Why Could Horizon Be Beneficial from a Cast-Expanding Spin-Off?

Even after Aloy's clone "sister" Beta and the warmongering Tenakth tribe defeat the Far Zeniths, Nemesis' existential threat is more formidable than Aloy's group of friends can handle on their own. The Forbidden West concludes with Aloy's team sifting across the titular Forbidden West and beyond to begin recruiting tribes for the great conflict to come.

According to reports, a Horizon Forbidden West remake of Zero Dawn may be in the works, since he has received the "Frozen Wilds" expansion. This would likely leave Aloy as the perspective character, while leaving room for another of the other main cast members to be highlighted in a Miles Morales-style spin-off.

Kotallo's attempts to persuade the agrarian Utaru might just as easily be considered as a narrative, as might shifting your focus to characters like Sun-King Avad or Sunhawk Talanah from the Carja Hunter's Lodge. However, a spin-off that would give Horizon's world a perspective outside of America

A Horizon spin-off centered on one of Aloy's companions might open the way for a third entry with multiple protagonists, like Spider-Man: Miles Morales. With a character like Erend in particular, Guerrilla may continue to build upon the series' mechanics by including more range and trap-focused abilities as the Oseram warrior deepens into melee combat.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5.