Taika Waititi reveals Marvel's future plans for Hercules

Taika Waititi reveals Marvel's future plans for Hercules ...

The post-credit stinger for Thor: Love and Thunder sounded like a return to form for the Marvel Studios franchise because it finally introduced a new character that would play a significant role moving forward. Because it turns out, the son hes talking to is non-other than Hercules, played by Brett Goldstein.

Sadly, we do not know when this story will end. Thor will only be onscreen again, with Thor still healthy and active. Perhaps Hercules is nipping at Thors heels.

Taika Waititi, the director of Love and Thunder, spoke out about the character's long-term development. He talked about Brett Goldstein's inclusion in the fourth sequel. He also revealed that he didn't know anything about him.

Waititi explained how the introduction of Hercules will open up a whole new world, something he will never be invited to be a part of: Taika Waititi said that

And then, [Louis DEsposito?] told me that Hercules would be part of the film, and uh, that made no sense to me, I didnt even know he was a Marvel character, but uh, apparently it is, and uhC It was good, I know it opens up a whole new thing, but Im grateful for anyone who loves Greek gods.

Taika Waititi will not necessarily lead to a detailed examination of Hercules. The Greek God might thus have another use than that of appearing in a Thor 5. For the time being, Ted Lasso may be the star actor of the series in the next MCU film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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