How to Redeem MultiVersus Evo 2022 In-Game Items

How to Redeem MultiVersus Evo 2022 In-Game Items ...

Warner Bros. is offering gamers a limited time only to commemorate MultiVersus's first appearance at the multi-title fighting game tournament Evo 2022.

Players who catch the official livestream at the appropriate time or follow a MultiVersus Twitter account may already have access to the code for the Evo exclusives, however, for everyone else, this is how to claim your items.

How to redeem your MultiVersus Evo items

An Evo 2022 profile icon and an Evo 2022 banner featuring the games' playable roster are also prominent. The signature Evo tri-panel logo is also prominent.

Players will need to register or create an account with WB Games to claim these exclusive in-game items. The code is case-sensitive, and you must type EVO in all caps to claim them.

After entering the code, a confirmation will email you congratulating you for unlocking your exclusive items. Players should not expect to receive their exclusive items immediately, as the Evo-inspired cosmetics will appear in your inventory at the start of Season One, which has recently been postponed.

Although it is currently unclear when the first season of MultiVersus will begin, players can expect to see their newly minted profile icon and banner in-game as soon as it starts. You can soon enter matchmaking with the commemoration of MultiVersus' competitive debut.