Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Veto scenarios (day 32)

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Veto scenarios (day 32) ...

The Big Brother 24house is yet to open today, and there might be a simple reason for it. The weather is pretty awful! If this is a physical competition, they might begin it a little later (weve seen them do this before, but we'll still watch them start this in an hour).

There have been some discussions in the house as we all await the comp to launch, and some of them may have a long-term impact on the game beyond this week, even if the intention this time around does not change.

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Michael is the CEO of Household and last night he nominated Terrance, Monte, and Joseph to lead a three-person team. Daniel is 100% certain about the present strategy, especially considering that Daniel has no one and this might provide him with an assist later if he needs it.

Michael and Brittany discussed the Leftovers' structure this afternoon. Kyle seems to think that they can get Turner on the board, and theyd have a 5-2 advantage over Monte & Joseph with those four plus Taylor. Hes narrated about a possible Cookout redux, but there is no evidence of that happening.

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