There is Only One Choice If Stranger Things Ends With A Sacrificial Character

There is Only One Choice If Stranger Things Ends With A Sacrificial Character ...

Fans of the Netflix series will have to wait at least two years before its final season on the streaming platform following the tumultuous fourth season of Stranger Things. The rather shocking conclusion of the fourth season, and the two-year window before its next installment, have given fans plenty of time to speculate on how the series will arrive to a satisfactory conclusion. Some have begun to envision it will conclude with an Eddie Munson-style sacrifice to save the others.

Stranger Things is well-known for killing off its beloved characters. The Duffer Brothers have stated that season 5 will not introduce anyone new, virtually guaranteeing that any major death in season 5 will involve a character whom Stranger Things viewers have come to know quite well. If Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) or Vecna's equally powerful counterpart Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), there is only one rationale.

Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) has been a key character in Stranger Things since his disappearance in Season 1. Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) and Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) discovered Eleven and, ultimately, the Upside Down. Both of which have tortured Will endlessly, Season 5 revealed that Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) was a minor character in the show.

Will has a major role to play in what's to come, according to the ominous conclusion of Vol. 2. After all, Will revealed Vecna was still alive in Vol. 2. It's what prompts Will to warn Mike that Vecna will't stop until he's killed everyone and captured everything.

Vecna's involvement has been rooted in causing distress for the other characters, and there is no better way to continue that trend than by claiming someone they love. Barb's death on Nancy (Natalia Dyer) is the closest thing any of Stranger Things' core cast has ever seen to a significant loss. Eddie (Joseph Quinn) is the most recent instance of this.

The Duffers have enacted their own Vecna-like torture, only to use them as sacrificial lambs to stir a shift in the series' core cast. Barbara Holland, Bob Newby, Alexei, and most recently, Eddie Munson have all faced bittersweet goodbyes from the sci-fi series. Will is a lot like Eddie.

The Duffers will end up breaking their formula and likely killing one of the other key characters in season 5, bringing Hawkins andwhoever makes it out of Stranger Things alive. The recent off-screen confirmation that Will is in love with Mike has added an emotional layer to his close bond over the years. Will's eventual demise will also bring a smile to his face.

Will may be credited as the one who gets everybody involved in Season 5, leading him to risk his life for his crush, his best pals, and his family. With four additional seasons of watching Will's journey, it would ultimately become a massive mind game that goes full circle with Will and Vecna.

Stranger Things is now available on Netflix.