Jamie Spears has'sunk To A New Low,' according to Britney Spears' legal team. With her latest filing, Jamie Spears has'sunk To A New Low.'

Jamie Spears has'sunk To A New Low,' according to Britney Spears' legal team. With her latest filing ...

Britney Spears was just recently released from her conservatorship, but the pop singers' previous situation remains the subject of a significant legal battle that has now taken a humorous turn. Attorneys for Jamie Spears, Britney's father and former conservator, have filed a request to have some of Britney's medical records, previously sealed by a court, unsealed.

The reasons for Jamie Spears' lawyers to want the medical records unsealed are unclear, although they may argue that something in them might help explain Jamie Spears' decisions during her conservatorship of Britney. Attorney Mathew Rosengart claims that Jamie Spears has fallen to a new low in seeking to unmead the records.

Mr. Spears may have no purpose other than to make the conditionally sealed papers public in his alleged vindication and revenge plot against his own daughter. It's a shambles.

The Britneys team believes that their attempt to have the records unsealed is retaliation for the fact that a judge has ruled that Jamie Speaks must appear for a deposition as part of an inquiry into his time as conservator for Britney. It was also pointed out that it was Jamie Spears and a previous legal team that initially petitioned to have the records sealed.

The motion, which called for Britney to be removed and to unload the records, was filed on July 22, but Britney's lawyers say the issue whether Britney would be removed was already scheduled to be decided on July 27. Britney did not need to sit for a deposition.

Lawyers for Jamie Spears argue that there is nothing harmful or of malicious intent in what they are doing. Lawyer Alex Weingarten says that even if there was legitimately confidential information, they would still be protected from the public.

The idea that this is part of a nefarious plot is ridiculous. It is unfortunate that Britneys counsel continues to press charges against Jamie in an unrelenting manner. It is presumably because he does not have any actual evidence, but nevertheless, it is unwarranted and unprofessional.

The medical records in question are expected to remain sealed until October 26 of this year, at which point there will be a hearing to determine whether or not they should remain sealed.

The legal battles against Britney Spears may not be over yet, but she has certainly begun to get on with her life. Britney is a newlywed and has begun developing new music with Elton John.