Willie and Winnie's Real-Life Love Story Inspired Love in the Limelight

Willie and Winnie's Real-Life Love Story Inspired Love in the Limelight ...

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega star in Hallmarks' newest film Love in the Limelight, a true story inspired by Willie Aames and Winnie Hung's real love story.

The Movie Is About a Fan Letter That Sparked True Love

The following is the synopsis for Love in the Limelight from Crown Media's press release:

Summer (Alexa PenaVega) was a loyal supporter of the Mendez Boyz, especially Nick (Carlos PenaVega), their lead singer. It's clear the pair's friendship has set the stage for romance.

Although the names have been changed, Summer and Nicks' love story is loosely based on Willie Aames and Winnie Hung's.

Aames shared a Facebook post about Love in the Limelight and wrote, No need to disclose the details only those of you who know, know.

In Real Life, They Were Pen Pals for 30 Years

Love in the Limelight is inspired by Willie Aames' real-life love story and her wife Winnie Hung, according to IMDb.

Carlos shared that the movies are based on a true story in an interview for The Hallmark Channel.

In fact, Aames and Hung wrote the script for the film.

Carlos shared that its not exactly how they came to be together, but it's loosely based on their lives.

According to the Daily Mail, Aames and Hung remained pen pals for 30 years in real life. Aames was married twice before he and Hung got married in 2014.

He said he first called Hung after reading her letter because he believed these girls would never receive a phone call from the person theyre talking to on television.

Aames told Closer Weekly that when she called him, her first reaction was to ignore him. So he called her back.

After they talked for a few minutes, they decided to keep writing and remained pen pals for 30 years, never meeting in person, according to the Daily Mail. He explained to Closer Weekly that at one point she lost contact with him with a LinkedIn request checking to see if you're okay.

Hung was single while he was married, but had assured Aames that they would always be friends, according to Closer Weekly.

A cruise ship that he was working on happened to be in Vancouver, where she lived, and so they became friends.

He told Closer Weekly: When I saw her, I literally couldn't breathe. My knees started to get weak. We had the most wonderful evening. We both loved it!

Closer Weekly reported that Aames was more than just an actor; he was also a musician, too similar to his character in the film. He said when Eight Is Enough was released, he was performing to 15,000 people, and he thought, Im not that good. At the time, it was a bit surreal.