In World of Warcraft: Classic, where can I find Vagash?

In World of Warcraft: Classic, where can I find Vagash? ...

Vagash is one of World of Warcraft's early challenges that players will encounter while leveling through the snowy valleys of Dun Morogh. The key quest item he drops, the Fang of Vagash, is the goal of one of WoW's most difficult early game quests, Protecting the Herd.

Vagash, despite being an important early-game objective, isnt placed directly in front of players like many quest-focused enemies are. Instead, WoW players will have to go out of their way to find him and complete the quest Protecting the Herd in WoW: Classic.

Vagash can be found on a hill northwest of Amberstill Ranch, overlooking the ranch from his cave. The beginning of the ramp can be found at coordinates 59,50, somewhat off the eastbound road leading towards Amberstill Ranch and the Golbolar Quarry. The entrance to Vagash's cave is located at coordinates 62, 47.

The quest Protecting the Herd entails slaying Vagash and returning his fang to the Amberstill Ranch as proof of his defeat. Players will earn a cloth pair of pants, a leather tunic, or a two-handed hammereach of exceptional quality.

Vagash can be tricky to solo for some players as certain classes will struggle to develop the necessary abilities to defeat him. For example, Paladins, Mages, and Warlocks, are some of the most skilled classes to solo Vagash when finishing Protecting the Herd.