Stephen King Reveals the Only Film He Has Ever Walked Out Of

Stephen King Reveals the Only Film He Has Ever Walked Out Of ...

He is the outstanding thinker who has inspired countless film adaptations, with plenty more to come. However, despite his often petty opinions over his adapted horror stories, Stephen King isnt a tough judge, as the author recently confessed that Michael Bay's Transformers was the only film he ever walked out of.

King's films are simply far too many, yet his own stories tend to make for some incredible box office or critical bombs, as demonstrated by the most recent film adaptation Firestarter. However, recent works like Netflix's Gerald's Game and 1922, HBO's The Outsider, or the blockbuster It all demonstrate how great a King classic can be. Only Bay's Transformers was capable of pushing his buttons that much.

Linwood Barclay (No Time for Goodbye) tweeted out that Jurassic World Dominion had been the first film he'd dropped out of in a while. King responded, saying Transformers takes that award for him.

King also questioned publicly what other films they had walked out of, such as Vanilla Sky, Mother, Red Riding Hood, and the first Mission: Impossible, thus proving that every mind is a different realm of its own. This year, he even praised Yellowjacketsearlier.

What caused King to so much in Transformers? That was unfortunate, although King is certainly not averse to character development, considering that he is also not interested in huge CGI robots. Regarding the much-panned Jurassic World Dominion, King also declined to comment on that one, although there is no evidence that it was properly handled.

HBO is working on an It prequel series, although anyone who wants to see King's best film adaptations may always give Carrie or Misery a go, just keep in mind that King doesn't much like The Shining.