How To Romance Spirit In Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim

How To Romance Spirit In Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim ...

In this dating simulation horror game, players thirst for their favorite Killer is not uncommon. Now players have the chance to actually romance them with Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim. The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith, and The Spirit are among the choices.

In Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim, all four Killers have received an anime makeover and some personality flaws, but they're still the cold-blooded and terrifying monsters that stalk and murder Survivors.

Day One

It's important to remember that She values individualism, and she isn't the type to follow the rules and opinions of others blindly. She's proud of who she is, but she's still sensitive to how she became The Spirit, so be cautious when discussing what happened to her. And though she hates her father and seeks revenge on him, she's also proud of her bloodline, so don't do anything that might harm her.

The first questions from the volleyball group will not be decisive or disastrous in any of the romances, but to entice Spirit's interest make sure to choose "Flight", "History," "Cat," and "Not work at all" as answers for the questions about superpowers, best subject in school, favorite animal, and dream job. After that, Spirit will offer a "Virgin daiquiri," and Spirit will praise the player and discuss not having to drink alcohol to have fun.

Remember that it will be repeated at a later date. When asked about the book the player would bring to a desert island choose "Dracula." Next, try to land on Spirit three times in the spin the Bottle mini-game. It's not a problem if the player ends up with any of the other Killers at this stage.

Answer her questions with "You've always been lonely" and then "Nothing but darkness." When it's time for stories around the fire pit, choose Spirit to tell the story, and then the option to hug her if she gets upset.

The moment will come to an end abruptly, and she'll float away, but she'll come back and invite the player to join her in the hot tub. When the Spirit reveals that the story she told was a childhood dream, she asks whether the player believes her answer "Who cares?"

Day Two

The second day will allow the player to spend more time with Spirit. Choose to go with her to look at the Black Lighthouse. When she gives her the sunscreen, say "Thanks" and accept her offer to help put on some sunscreen. When the player wants to learn more about Spirit, ask about the glass shards sticking out of her. Do well during the sunscreen mini-game.

The Wraith's sudden appearance will halt the date and then by Claudette and Dwight, who will sabotage the player and the Spirit from their date. From there, the player will be approached by Wraith to take him to his secret lair, reject him, and choose the Spirit instead. From there, they will continue their date and discover a cherry blossom tree. When asked about what it represents, pick "Unsure." and then "Unsure."

The player should be wary about their connection with Spirit at dinner. When it's time to return to the fire pit, choose to tell a story and choose romance as the theme. When it comes time to choose one of the Killers to tell a story next, choose Spirit.

Choose to go to the lounge again after storytime. Choose to stay sober with her and when asked which drink to have, choose a "Dark and Stormy." Before the night is over the player must choose which of the Killers they want to eliminate.

Day Three

When it's time to confess, give Spirit the flowers and spend the day with her. When she takes the player to the Black Lighthouse and asks if they want to stay or go, choose "Go up and maybe die". At the top of the lighthouse, players will face off against a light that emits sinister energy and play a mini-game where they try to keep their eyes on Spirit.

The player who passes out due to the light will wake up sometime later and discover themselves in an underground tunnel where they will hear a conversation between Spirit and The Trapper. The Trapper will then quiz the player on their knowledge of Spirit, and they should answer in the following order:

  • Rin
  • Dragon
  • Restaurant
  • Black
  • Not being seen for who you are.

Spirit will take the player back to the Black Lighthouse to finish their date, only to be interrupted by Dwight, Claudette, and a surprise guest. After finishing that, the player will have one more mini-game to complete, and they will get to spend a very romantic night with Spirit.

There's only one more thing to do to ensure that The Spirit receives its True Ending. After she finishes Claudette and offers the player her katana to do the same to Dwight, the player must choose to "kill Dwight."

A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim is now available on PC. Hooked on You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim