After defeating Fnatic in the LEC Summer Split in 2022, G2 holds a massive second-place tie and wants to grab a playoff spot

After defeating Fnatic in the LEC Summer Split in 2022, G2 holds a massive second-place tie and want ...

These last few games are crucial for almost every team in the LEC to decide whether or not Playoffs are a possibility in their immediate futures. Even for G2 Esports, who have controlled the standings for a good portion of the split, a Playoffs spot hasn't yet been secured, making each additional win crucial.

A run for two Playoff victories in one year is still possible, according to G2 fans.

G2, the LEC's reigning champions, are continuing to win yet another important match in the first half of the 2022 Summer Split, this time against their long-time foes in Fnatic.

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Hylissang chose not to bring Flash on Rakan, instead relying on nearby teammates to assist his mobility. This decision resulted in numerous failed attempts from Fnatic to engage on the G2s bot lane, thus allowing Flakkeds Draven to cash out on his passive and increase his likelihood for massive burst damage.

Fnatic's shaky gameplay became increasingly difficult due to their lack of engagement. G2 was open and willing to answer each time, even if they were not super clean. Jankos served as the initiator in many of these mid-game fights as Pantheon, knowing that the rest of his crew could easily fight through.

G2 had zero chance to return after another mismatched engagement from Fnatic, putting all of their efforts into one final coordinated teamfight. Razork, attempting to finish a Baron that G2 had backed off of, unsuccessfully used all of his abilities just to limp away, resulting in another loss for the team while locking MAD Lions into the Summer Playoffs.

This victory puts the LEC standings in a four-way tie for second place. Misfits, Team Vitality, and Rogue each share this position with a 9-6 record, all of whom have a good chance of being eliminated from the playoffs anyway.

G2 will face MAD Lions in the Summer Playoffs' final weekend in 2022. They are the only team to have qualified for the Summer Playoffs so far. However, their performances and other teams may affect where they compete.

Fnatic will need to rely on many victories and even tiebreakers to clinch their place in the Playoffs, which would be the first time in the organization's history that Fnatic would not qualify for the Playoffs.